ICO Spotlight: Interview with Michael Marcovici from Digital Developers Fund

Hello Micheal. Let’s start from the beginning: What is the Digital Developers Fund?

DDF is a fund investing in high growth digital assets such as domain names and crypto currency. The roots of the DDF go back to 2010, when DDF was incorporated as “Domain Developers Fund” in the Cayman Island. DDF holds over 1,350 premium domains such as Swords.com, Audits.com, Exhibitions.com or PR.uk. In 2017, the fund rebrands to “Digital Developers Fund” and raises funds via an ICO to expand its asset allocation.


A fund that only invests in digital assets is a good idea, this means that if I join your fund, you will make all the hard choices about which assets to purchase, sell, hold so I don’t have to? You are then holding all these assets, why exactly is your token valuable? If I am a token holder, what do I get in return?

That’s correct. In addition, token holders participate in quarterly distributions of net profits. Of course, as we make profitable investments, the value of the token itself would raise too.


Are domain names still valuable? I haven’t looked in a while but I was under the impression that they weren’t as valuable as they were say, 15 years ago?

Domains are still very valuable. The year 2017 alone has seen sales like Fly.com for $2.89m, Freedom.com for $2m or Asset.com for $406,000. In fact, we have seen prices more than during previous years as people realized that it’s better to own their brand than to depend on the whims of Facebook or Google.


What can you tell us about your team?

DDF has an experienced management team. With a combined experience of 15 years in crypto currencies, 20 years in domain names and 35 years in finance, our team is fit to meet the challenges of digital assets.

Michael Marcovici
Managing Director
Michael’s expertise in the Internet business stretches back to 1991 when there was no WWW or domains. Michael is the founder of the Austria Börsenbrief, a financial investment magazine, and was a private equity fund manager for five years.
Michael became involved with domains in 2002 when he started to register, buy and sell valuable domains. With more than 20 years of experience in business and expertise in the financial markets, Michael is in charge of the strategic orientation and asset allocation of the fund.

Davies Guttmann
Asset Manager
Davies is a seasoned Alternative Investments specialist. He has been involved for the last 20 years in hedge funds, futures trading and other investments. From 2008 to 2012, Davies was Director of FTC Capital, one of Austria’s leading Managed Futures funds. Since 2012, Davies Guttmann has been a Director of Financial Fairplay AG in Switzerland, providing consulting services on alternative portfolios and digital trading.

Dave Appleton
Technical Advisor
Dave is an expert in blockchain technology and has worked on a number of state of the art blockchain codebases. He specializes in Ethereum smart contracts.
Dave studied at Imperial and King’s Colleges in London in the 1970s, resulting in a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering. After receiving his Master’s degree (Management of Technology) at the National University of Singapore, he founded Calistra Research Labs developing advanced machine vision systems.

Tobias Ratschiller
Tobias has been active in the Internet industry for the past 20 years as entrepreneur, advisor and investor. Through his company Senza Limiti, he invests in digital assets such as domains and websites. Tobias is an active crypto currency investor since 2012. In a previous life, he created Open Source tools phpMyAdmin and phpAds (now OpenX).

Gaurang Torvekar
Technical Advisor
Gaurang is the Co-Founder and CTO of Attores, a blockchain company based out of Singapore. Gaurang is also the co-organizer of the Ethereum Singapore Meetup. He has been active in the Singapore Ethereum community since the very beginning and is considered an expert on Smart Contracts.

Andras Kristof
ICO Advisor
Andras is an entrepreneur and investor living in Singapore. He built the technology behind viki.com, Singapore’s largest exit so far. He has been involved in blockchain development since 2013. He founded and contributed to several projects in the space. Currently he is working on yojee.com, a collaborative economy/logistics company, utilizing Ethereum.

Ruslan Gavrilyuk
ICO Advisor
Ruslan is co-founder and President of Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), a last generation closed end fund that allows its investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain markets. Gavrilyuk has more than 14 years’ experience in founding and managing projects in geoscience, mobile money solutions, oil and gas operations, precious minerals mining, sports and fashion.

Reuben Godfrey
ICO Advisor
Reuben has worked in sales, business development, finance and operations roles for major multinationals and start-ups in the tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries globally. He has worked as a journalist and is frequently interviewed and asked for comment by tech and mainstream media as well as speaking at and hosting seminars and conferences.
He is co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland and the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.

Rune Evensen
ICO Advisor
Rune is an entrepreneur and start-up strategist living in Singapore. He is the Chief Visionary Officer and Co-founder of coss.io, a Singapore based platform for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, featuring payment gateway/POS, exchange and other applications. His company is corporate member of ACCESS, the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association and SFA, Singapore Fintech Association.

George Danelia
ICO Advisor
George is an expert in commodity markets advising senior clients in the Asia region. From 2013 to 2016, he was Vice President of Morgan Stanley in Singapore; before that, he served as Vice President for Barclays Capital in Asia. George is active in crypto currencies and also ‘erves on the advisory board of ZrCoin.


Thank you so much Michael and good luck with your ICO!

For more information and to join the ICO please go to https://www.coinschedule.com/projects/1203/digital-developers-fund-ico.html

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