ICO Spotlight: Interview with Edward Shull from GeoFounders

Hello Edward. I usually start by asking this same question to all projects, so let’s not stop the tradition: What is Geofounders?

Hi Alex, thanks for the interest. GeoFounders is an organization that builds software that runs on many different blockchain platforms. This software collects cryptocurrency fees that are divvied up amongst our token holders. Our dream is to be the blockchain-equivalent of a Microsoft or Adobe.

If I am a developer and I have a great idea for a new blockchain-powered application, why should I consider doing it via Geofounders as opposed to just going solo?

The blockchain space is a bit chaotic at the moment. It’s the Wild West of development with new tech coming out on a weekly basis. We think we can add some stability to this environment and give developers, both our own and third-parties, a platform that can adapt on their behalf. We offer three advantages; an app store to distribute apps, middleware to enable apps to run on more than one cryptocurrency, and a set of application frameworks that make developing blockchain apps as easy as possible. Our success is entirely dependent on the success of the software that is developed under the GeoFounders umbrella.

So if I understand this correctly, this is a bit like an Apple App Store or Google Play of Blockchain, is this right?

Yes, that is exactly right, although the app store is just one component of GeoFounders. We also have eight unique blockchain-powered applications under development, six of which will be available upon the launch of our app store.

How did you come up with the idea? Are you a developer yourself?

The idea originated from software that our lead developer had created to manage his personal portfolio of cryptocurrencies. He was so tired of manually launching multiple clients that he cobbled together a universal wallet app that could switch between crypto platforms with one click. It was this app that spawned a conversation amongst our team and eventually lead to the formation of GeoFounders.

The app store idea I take credit for. As a non-programmer type I find myself longing for a simpler way to install, update and configure blockchain apps.

My role at GeoFounders is primarily in Business and Marketing, although I did study some Computer Science in college and was technical/lucky enough to invest in the Ethereum crowdsale after reading Vitalik’s white paper.

What can you tell us about your team?
Our team is has a diverse skillset. The core of team of founders are actually family, Ed, Shaun, and Michael Shull.

Ed Shull has been working in FinTech for decades, working for companies like Chase and Morgan Stanley, and technology consultant for NASDAQ, Dow Jones and ABN Amro.

Shaun Shull has been a programmer for over 20 year, consulting with companies like CNET, 3Com, Oracle, Visa, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Michael Shull, the youngest of the group at 23, has been programing over a decade, has been a Java developer for USWeb for 5 years, and recently earned his Master’s Degree from Harvard University.

Chris Kissel, the Senior Analyst of Cyber Security for Frost & Sullivan, helps with security.

Danny Roberts, a tremendously talented artist who helped develop the best selling HighBorn Game, contributes to the look and feel of some of the most exciting games being developed for the blockchain.

You can learn more about our team on our website.

Thank you so much Ed and good luck with your ICO.

For more information and to join the ICO please go to http://www.geofounders.com/ico/

Alex Buelau
Alex has a strong background in software development, product and business management. He started mining Bitcoins in 2013 and since then has been involved in several blockchain projects. He participated in some of the the first ever ICOs. He built the official block explorers for two major cryptocurrencies and founded Coinschedule in 2016. Alex is on a mission to eliminate scams from this industry and make ICOs easy and safe.

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