ICO Spotlight: Interview with David Cohen, CEO of CLOUT

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello David, please start by telling us: What is CLOUT?

CLOUT is a revolutionary new platform for the cryptocurrency world where you can find a wealth of content. On the CLOUT Network you can find everything from news and media about blockchain related projects, to articles on crypto investments and information on upcoming ICO’s. The platform also has suggestions and resources for newcomers to the blockchain and a who’s who of the entire industry, allowing users to follow reputable and knowledgeable experts. CLOUT’s platform is built by the people of cryptocurrency community, made by the people of the cryptocurrency community.

CLOUT is a one stop shop for all cryptocurrency and blockchain related media.

CLOUT is built upon the Ethereum network and has two native tokens. The first token is called CLOUT, the second token is called CLC. CLC is what powers the network, everything runs on CLC, it’s inexpensive and keeps the network free from clutter. Members can use CLC to post content, upvote and comment on other members post CLOUT by nature is spam and noise free ensuring only the highest quality and relevant articles appear using a crowd voting system. Utilizing CLOUT and CLC, the platform will help ALL cryptocurrency investors.

The platform is designed for people that are brand new to the crypto world – to most seasoned names in the crypto space. The more members to join and actively use the CLOUT platform, the more accurate and quality the information will be. This is achieved through members themselves by filtering content. With existing platforms currently available, the more participants the more spam and useless posts to sift through. The way CLOUT is designed, through what we have dubbed “Crowd Wisdom”, this will make it easier to get exactly what members are searching for and will fuel the constant filtration of content. CLOUT will grow in numbers and mature in accuracy as the mass adoption of cryptocurriences continues.

Until now, the crypto community has been extremely segmented. Communities are separated with hundreds of Slack and Facebook groups, making it incredibly difficult to manage. CLOUT will streamline this process and embrace the crypto community to come together for the betterment of the community itself. CLOUT’s members can rest assured that the highest quality information is available to all participants. To create this revolutionary platform CLOUT has established a team represented in over a dozen countries worldwide.

The CLOUT token is what creates all of the CLC. CLOUT token creates CLC on a staggered release until 100 Billion total CLC is created. Reaching the 100 billion CLC limit will take almost 50 years, therefore CLC become more rare as time passes.

There are 100 Million CLOUT coins in total, and they’re valuable for multiple reasons –
CLOUT token holders can use the CLC they earn to be a consistent content provider on the network, earn a portion of the CLOUT advertising revenue, earn CLC through the CLOUT Referral Program, or sell their generated CLOUT on an exchange.


So CLOUT is a platform for cryptocurrency. How does CLOUT aim to be a game changer in this community?

CLOUT is going to be the number 1 platform dedicated to bringing users everything cryptocurrency related: news, media and investment. It will be a user generated content platform the first of its kind. Each and every member of the platform will be financially incentivized to constantly filter the platforms content for quality. CLOUT is here for all investors people who are brand new to cryptocurrencies, people who have been in cryptocurrency (just want to know more), to the seasoned investor. CLOUT’s platform intends to grow with the cryptocurrency community, to help give crypto investors a safe place to gather quality information and give the community on a larger scale a “home.”


What advantages does the blockchain bring for your business?

Blockchain is an amazing technology similar to the rise of the internet, blockchain has the potential to disrupt multiple industries and make processes more democratic, transparent, efficient and secure. Blockchain brings CLOUT complete data, that is accurate, consistent and widely available. Blockchain empowers CLOUT users giving them control of all their information and transactions. Due to the decentralized network, blockchain does not have a central point of failure and can withstand malicious attacks. Our CLOUT users can trust that their transactions will be executed, faster transaction that can only takes minutes.


Can you tell us a bit about why you chose the Ethereum network as the blockchain for your token?

Ethereum brought the greatest potential business model based on their smart contracts, that being said the decision was made to use the Ethereum network. CLOUT chose the Ethereum network as the backbone of our blockchain. For CLOUT, the language is turing complete, developer friendly, enabling a safe, open, high available, efficient, trustable and reliable mechanism enabling our development team to create the CLOUT’s platform.


I understand your team is implementing extra security features by using ERC223 tokens, can you elaborate on that?

CLOUT’s token ERC-223 – eliminates the problem of “lost tokens” – ERC-223 is a process to ensure a safer transfer system (If an investor accidentally sends ETH from an exchange to CLOUT’s ICO deposit address, the ETH sent can be returned with the ERC-223 instead of being eliminated – as with the ERC-20 tokens).

CLOUT is built on Ethereum and is one of the first ever projects to be using the upgraded ERC-223 tokens. These tokens can be stored the same as ERC-20 tokens on –
MyEtherWallet.com and the Ledger Nano.


Thank you so much Dave and good luck with your ICO!

Thanks to you for your time and interest in CLOUT.



Sean Kirtz (Founder), David A. Cohen (CEO), Ryan Fugger (Chief Advisor),

Dean James (Co-Founder -COO), Frank Lucido (Co-Founder), Simon Josef (Co-Founder)-Design Lead,

Serge Nikitin (CFO), Dennard Small (CMO), Destiny Aigbe (Securities Counsel),

Jeff Kirdeikis (Social Media Manager), Bonnie Normile (PR Manager),

Vilma Mattila (International Business Counsel),  Andrew Zubko (Blockchain Developer),

Ihor Pidruchny (Development Team Lead), Jen Buakaew (Marketing Manager),

Anurag Rathore (Project Manager), Andrew Ingram (Advisor), Atsushi Hisatsumi (Advisor),

Francisco Jo (Advisor), Issac Lee (Advisor)



David Cohen (CEO): David A. Cohen is internationally renowned for his pioneering work in the Decentralized Software industry and recently in the Digital Currency and Blockchain industry. David was a member of the IOTA Foundation during the IOTA Token Cryptocurrency launch which reached a $1.7 Billion market cap on the first day of trading, as reported by Forbes Magazine on June 13, 2017.  David was named as one of the Top 100 Movers and Shakers in the SmartGrid by Greentech Media.  He was the founder and CEO of Infotility where he pioneered the “Grid Edge” unlocking multi-billion dollar software markets and creating the industry’s first artificial intelligence-based software platform – GridAgents™.  David is a thought leader and has spoken at many venues such as MIT, TEDx, Consensus, Blockchain 100X and Singularity University.  He is an expert on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Edge Computing. David is also an active board member of IOTA.


Ryan Fugger (Chief Advisor): Ryan Fugger is a currency innovator and web/systems developer who founded the original Ripple project in 2004 with the concept of an open, decentralized network capable of routing payments through multiple intermediaries simultaneously. Ripple merged with Jed McCaleb’s OpenCoin in 2012 to form Ripple Inc. (XRP) and this concept is now in the Ripple Consensus Ledger and the Interledger Protocol. His current work consists of consulting blockchain projects and other decentralized systems.


For more information and to join the ICO please go to: https://CLOUT.io

Read the Whitepaper at: https://clout.io/assets/v.4-clout-whitepaper-1.pdf



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