ICO Spotlight: Interview with Alex Nasonov from Worldcore

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Hello Alex, please start by telling us: What is Worldcore?

Worldcore is a one-stop-shop in payment services industry offering all payment features of traditional bank account in addition to wide range of payment products for individuals and businesses. The list of payment solutions offered by Worldcore includes debit cards with industry-leading ATM withdrawal limit of 4,000 Euros per day, virtual debit cards, API for mass payments, checkout for accepting payments on websites, payment card acquiring, international money transfers to any Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay payment cards issued by almost any bank in over 150 countries, mobile phone recharge in almost 200 countries and Smart Invoicing for businesses to create, send and accept payments for invoices issued to their clients. Worldcore is also world’s first EU payment institution which implemented voice and face recognition technologies for authentication of our client, which totally protects clients from fraud due to face liveness detection. In May of this year Worldcore has obtained PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificate, which let us to enter card acquiring market and is a guaranteed for cardholders that their data are securely protected. Worldcore is also a member of one of the most reputable industry associations in Europe – Emerging Payments Association.


So you are an established financial company already?

We started operating in 2014. The activity of Worldcore is licensed by the National Bank of Czech Republic. We have been recognized across the European Fintech community; in 2016 we won the “Best Fintech Newcomer” Banking Award.

Since then our established portfolio of products and services kept growing and we now serve more than 25,000 clients worldwide and this is just the beginning. Worldcore’s annual transaction volume will exceed 100 million Euros in 2017 according to current statistics for this year and over 1 million Eur revenue. The company’s quarterly growth looks impressive as well and usually exceeds 25%. Worldcore is a well-known participant and sponsor of largest FinTech events in Europe like Finovate Europe, Money2020 Europe and European FinTech Awards.

Worldcore will also show the prototype of Worldcore Exchange (Worldcore.Trade) for trading blockchain assets which is a part of our roadmap and which is being developed even before the ICO start.


What are the advantages of joining your ICO?

Worldcore ICO is actually the world’s first ICO of regulated payment institution with well-established business and time-proven model which lets us reach high growth rate and transaction volume without attracting third-party investments. Worldcore is a fact, not an idea, not a dream or white paper, so I believe everyone understands the difference between an idea and well-established business with large product portfolio and growth over the last 2 years. Currently Worldcore business as well as software is under evaluation by world-famous company Ernst&Yong. The reports will be available on our website prior to presale stage of ICO, most likely by September 10. Our team acts professionally on par with much larger companies to show a completely new approach to ICO based on real value of the asset. I’m researching ICO market daily and I don’t see anything except just idea with roadmap where start of business is expected in a few years. We approached organization of ICO in a different way by offering to join the real successful business where there is no need to guess whether if it will be launched at all and what profit it may bring. In 2018 we are planning to launch the world’s first TV channel for blockchain and Fintech community with IPTV, online and satellite broadcasting, this media will include the fully-automated and blockchain-based advertising marketplace and will be a unique product in the industry.

WRC token is one of the best digital assets on the market, based on a profitable and actively developing business, working in one of the fastest growing areas.


How about securities law? Is is a problem that you are offering a share of annual profits to investors? For example, can americans join the ICO?

There will be some restricted countries including the United States.The full list of restricted countries for participation in ICO will be published on our ICO website before the end of next week, anyway most of the world will not be restricted in participation of our token sale, there will be maximum 10 restricted countries. Our legal team is working on it right now and we are totally sure that we will act in compliance with regulations of almost every country.


What can you tell us about you and your team?

Sean Patterson – Marketing and Public relations manager, is a veteran of entrepreneurial organizations, Sean started his career with Apple, later moving on to other tech focused projects at ETS, Tetra Pak, and Porsche.

Bohdan Taranenko – Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, previously worked in iKoruna Payment System.

The total number of Worldcore employees exceeds 40 people at the moment and we keep extending our team every week to speed up all processes to keep improving our platform and bring new payment products to life.


Thank you so much Alex and good luck with your ICO!

Thanks, we are doing our best to keep everyone satisfied and we will do even much more after the ICO is completed. Worldcore is a first established, transparent, regulated and audited company on ICO market and we believe that audience will appreciate our approach and will become a part of our group of innovative fintech companies.

For more information about Worldcore see https://worldcore.com/


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