ICO Spotlight: Interview with Ryo Nomura, CEO of Bitproperty

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello Ryo, thanks for speaking to us today.  To start: What is Bit Property?

Bitproperty is a new platform that is leveraging blockchain technology to open up real-estate investment to a whole new audience. Currently, real-estate investing is out of reach for many investors due to the large capital requirements needed to buy whole properties, or because of the limited nature of real-estate funds such as REITs. Bitproperty makes real-estate investment available to anyone by removing financial and legal hurdles, and by giving investors fine grain control over their investments.

Bitproperty accomplishes this through blockchain technology and tokenization. Essentially, developers list their projects on Bitproperty and investors can invest in those projects through a custom project token. After the project is complete, token owners receive proceeds from the property based on the number of tokens they own. All Bitproperty tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain ensuring reliability and security.


What about BTP Tokens?

BTP Tokens are something separate entirely. This token represents an opportunity to invest in the future of Bitproperty as a platform and as a company. The BTP token will provide owners with income that result from transaction fees on the Bitproperty platform. In addition, token owners will receive a share of the proceeds from Bitproperty’s wholly owned solar farm in Japan, which is already online and generating revenue.


Which properties become part of BTP? Who selects the properties?

Our team works with developers to bring properties into the Bitproperty platform. We make sure that the property is a good fit for the platform and that it complies with the model we have set out for our investors. Of course, like any other investment, there is always risk involved that a property may not perform as expected. Ultimately, the choice to invest is left to investors themselves, and they can choose to invest as much or as little as they like, and to choose properties that fit with their needs. It is this freedom of choice that is a new experience in the world of real-estate investment.


What are the advantages of joining BTP? Tell us about the solar farm!

The biggest advantage of Bitproperty is flexibility. Investors can choose properties that are right for them and invest any amount that they are comfortable with.

The solar farm is a unique aspect of Bitproperty that helps ensure a steady flow of revenue into the company, providing stability not only for the company but for BTP token holders as well. Bitproperty invested $15 million in the farm, and it is already up and running and generating revenues of approx 80 Million JPY annually. This provides our company with funds to develop the platform, and will also directly benefit BTP token holders who will be able to enjoy proceeds from the farm.


Can you tell us a bit about your team?

The Bitproperty team is a diverse group of professionals with varied experience across the financial, real-estate, technology, and blockchain markets. It was critical for us to put together a team with a variety of backgrounds since Bitproperty is taking an “interdisciplinary” approach to disruption.


For more information please check https://btptoken.io/en/


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