ICO Spotlight: Interview with Peter Dass from ValueCash

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule. 

Hello Peter, let’s start with the basic: what is Valuecash?

ValueCash is a completely self-governing E-Commerce entity combined with the robust concept of Blockchain Technology written on the Dynamics of the “Proof of Trade Protocol – PoT.”

PoT Protocol validates Buyers and Merchants who have successful trading transaction between each other to create new ValueCash coins. Hence, the newly created coins will be distributed among the following; The Buyer gets 5% coin back reward, the Merchant gets 2% coin reward, the Affiliate who introduces the Merchant gets 1% coin reward while ValueCash blockchain security and development gets 2% of the transaction value between the Buyer and the Merchant or seller.



Is ValueCash a new blockchain or is it built on top of an existing blockchain?

ValueCash and it’s PoT Protocol is built on the existing blockchain, for the purpose of complete decentralisation which will perfectly make the spending power of a common man returned to his hands for a more reliable and realistic future that will truly sustain his income in any facet of life.


How exactly does ValueCash make it easier to exchange from crypto to FIAT?

As one of our value propositions, the ValueCash team understands that there is need to solve the challenge of direct exchange to fiat currencies for the Crypto-Community who hold ValueCash. With this, ValueCash plans to partner with exchanges that will accept to list ValueCash to be processed directly to fiat currencies. Also at the end of the ICO, ValueCash will be listed on exchanges where more transactions for exchanging to other cryptocurrencies will be done as also stated on the roadmap.


How can you guarantee the price stability of ValueCash?

As our project entails, the E-Commerce is currently a 2.5 trillion market whose scalability is statistically projected to reach 5 trillion by 2021. With the PoT Protocol, ValueCash projects to use the E-Commerce growth with its Buyers and Merchants Validator concept and coin rewards to guarantee coin growth and stability. This will also make the concept to contribute to the reduction of inflation effect.


Tell us about your team, how many people are behind ValueCash and what are their credentials?

ValueCash is comprised of a team of Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, IT Consultants, Developers and CryptoCurrency Enthusiasts with over 12 years of Business Management from multiple industries. The team’s mission and vision, promise and commitment to every member of the ValueCash Community is to make sure this project is fulfilling.


Peter, thank you so much for your time, good luck with your ICO!

Thank you so much as we are overjoyed to provide the Crypto-Community with this power and opportunity.


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