ICO Spotlight: Interview with Denis Kulagin CEO and Founder of Serenity-Financial

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Hello Denis, congratulation on your Pre – ICO start, let’s talk about your project: what is Serenity Financial?

Thank you very much for inviting me, it is really nice to be here. Serenity is a blockchain-based platform for safe currency, cryptocurrency and CFD trading.  Our platform solves a number of issues of the Foreign Exchange market and increases liquidity flow into the cryptocurrencies. The platform will work as a marketplace where you can compare and select brokers and exchanges for trading. At the same time, it will act as a “controlling body”. All transactions will be recorded in blockchain, and in case of any disputes, Serenity will act as an arbitrator in conflict resolution. We plan to create a secure environment, where we will supply liquidity to brokers, keep investor funds on smart contracts and conduct a one-time KYC procedure for trading with any participating broker.


You connect traders and brokers for crypto markets or classical markets?

Serenity unites classical traders and crypto traders, solving two most important tasks. First, crypto investors can invest in classic forex and CFD assets, in world indices, stocks, commodity futures, etc., keeping the main account in a cryptocurrency and making profit in cryptocurrency equivalents.
Also, due to large volumes of the Foreign Exchange market, Serenity will be able to give an additional flow of fiat investments into the crypto industry in the amount of $150-200 million USD per month. The figure is based on the average monthly indicators of attracting new investments to the industry (1.5-2 billion USD) and taking into account the fact that we will be able to cover at least 10% of this flow at the launching stage.


What are the main benefits that the blockchain would bring this model?

Blockchain solves several problems in the project. Our depository system on smart contracts is created based on blockchain. It is done in order to prevent fraud and misuse of trader funds by brokers or exchanges. The second most important function is recording of trades in blockchain. This function allows us, in case of suspicious broker’s action towards a trader (intervention in trading or falsification of a trading result) to receive data from blockchain that will be 100% reliable, and thus will allow the dispute to be solved impartially and transparently. The data will be streamed immediately to the three parties – a trader, broker or exchange, Serenity.


What do ICO participants get by joining your ICO?

Here we need to divide participants based on their interests. For those who want to benefit from the rapid sale of tokens, we can offer our Pre-ICO discounts and a closed round of sales. Discounts up to 50% will allow participants to receive at least x2 profit after the release of the token on exchanges. However, the more patient holders will receive more significant profits. The company plans to connect at least 100 brokers by the end of 2018, which means that about 500,000 clients of these companies will need Serenity tokens, since 50% to 100% of services fee must be paid for by serenity tokens, thus the majority of the clients will have to buy them on the exchanges. All used tokens will be destroyed, thus the token price will constantly grow. The most far-sighted participants investing in the project will get completely new opportunities for investing in classic assets, thereby multiplying their future capital, and also supporting the cost of crypto-currency.


Can you tell us a bit about your team?

Serenity team consists of people from the Fintech (financial technology industry) and the financial industry. Many of them worked and continue to work as top managers in brokerage and Fintech companies. The founders of Serenity are UpTrader (UpTrader develops software for brokers from around the world) and Grand Capital, a brokerage company with monthly turnover of $4,7bln.. Both companies occupy leading positions in their industry. The company’s management team are long-time members of Forex regulatory commissions. In 2017, alongside with our colleagues from China and India (for whom market regulation and honesty of forex brokers is a huge problem) we came up with the idea behind Serenity. With the help of blockchain technology, it became possible to solve global market problems such as distrust towards brokers, fraudulent behavior of certain companies, delays or non-withdrawal of funds and protection of investments for traders from any country in the world.


Denis, thank you so much for your time, and good luck with the Pre-ICO and ICO.

Thank you! I appreciate the opportunity given for me to attend the interview.


For more information please check https://serenity-financial.io/


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