HydroMiner Pre-Sale Sells Out in 36 Minutes

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by HydroMiner, a Gold project listed in Coinschedule.

On September 25th, HydroMiner had a public pre-sale of H2O tokens, specifically designed for those who wanted to become the early investors in HydroMiner, the green, eco-friendly and profitable medium for cryptocurrency mining. Planned was, to keep the pre-sale open for a week, however the 18705000 H2O tokens allocated for the pre-sale were sold out in 36 minutes! The 1,500 ETH cap set-up by the HydroMiner team prior to the pre-ICO was successfully reached.

Everyone who participated received a generous 25% bonus to the amount of H2O tokens that they purchased on top of the profits from the mining contracts that the tokens represent. The H2O tokens were sold at a 50 ETH (approx. $10K) minimum investment.

Quote from the CEO, Nadine Damblon:

“We saw quite an increase of our visitors and newsletter subscribers – but still, we didn’t expect such a quick sell off!”

Haven’t heard of HydroMiner?

HydroMiner is one of a kind mining farm using hydro power stations in the Austrian Alps for energy, thereby reaching up to 85% cheaper energy prices than the European average. Today, the company has two fully-operational mining farms. The funds gathered during the pre-sale and the main ICO starting on October 3rd will be used for the development of new facilities and purchasing new mining hardware.

In the upcoming ICO, everyone can participate in the HydroMiner by buying H2O tokens!


What are H2O tokens for?

The HydroMiner H2O tokens will allow its holders to receive a share of the mining net profits.  The mining rewards will be received monthly, directly in Ether (ETH). By taking in account current difficulty and price rate, one can expect a ROI of about 72% (according to their website on 25th of September).


What will happen with the contributed funds?

The funds unlocked by the ICO will cover the costs of hardware, people and rent of the whole operation. You can find a detailed roadmap on the website.


Main ICO

The main Token Sale (ICO) is soon to start. It will begin on Monday, October 3rd, 2017 at 11:00 am GMT at hydrominer.org. For each of the 4 weeks of the H2O token Sale the contributors will be able to receive bonuses:

  • 20% – 1st week
  • 15% – 2nd week
  • 10% – 3rd week
  • 5% – 4th week

Don’t miss the HydroMiner H2O Token Sale and sign up for the updates.

Read the whitepaper.

Check out their YouTube video.



HydroMiner  Pre-Sale managed to reach the hard cap of 1,500 ETH (429.000$) in only 36 minutes. Everyone who missed this chance will be able to participate HERE in the upcoming ICO starting October 3.




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