How One Man is Changing the eSports Industry

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Big changes start with an idea in the mind of one human being. Ideas should be shared across all humanity, turned from thoughts to actions, and then people will wonder, “How did we live without this?”

Now we stand on the threshold of such a revolutionary change in the world of professional gaming. An idea came to the head of Alexander ‘ZeroGravity’ Kokhanovskyy, a guy with 17 years of experience in the eSports market. This was an idea about creating a unified platform where players, trainers, teams, sponsors, and tournament organizers could find each other to get efficient tools for managing their activity and earning money.

This platform got a name: DreamTeam. This is not just an idea now—it’s a couple of steps away from becoming a reality. And what is the best thing of all? You can participate in the process by buying special, cryptocurrency-like DreamTeam tokens.

Let’s go deeper into the features of DreamTeam in this article! And let’s talk properly about DreamTeam tokens!


The Author

Projects don’t create themselves! There always are people behind them. And in the modern world, it is quite important who those people are. Their experience and authority are able to make a good project even more significant. That’s why it would be nice to begin with a few words about the author of DreamTeam to understand how serious and big this platform is.

Alexander ‘ZeroGravity’ Kokhanovskyy created the eSports team Natus Vincere (Na`Vi), which became one of the most successful and the second most popular team in the world. Alexander is a shareholder of ESForce, the third-biggest eSports holding company. And he is a professional player himself—that’s why he knows the situation on the market from inside.

Of course, making a big project all alone is impossible now. So, Alexander works with a team of professionals, among whom Volodymyr Panchenko should be named; he is a co-founder of DreamTeam, the world’s #1 private merchant of digital goods, owner of World of Games and Global Games, and founder and CEO of DMarket, a decentralized marketplace for trading items from different games.


DreamTeam: A Platform as a Service (PaaS)

The DreamTeam project is a timely response to an urgent need—the world of eSports has a problem that should be solved to increase funds and number of players to open realistic ways of becoming a professional player for millions of talented amateurs.

What do gamers need to enter eSports? They have to find a team, a manager, a coach, participate in tournaments, and earn revenue from wins and sponsors.

How can they do this? So far, it was a very complicated process. Existing team-making sites have limited functionality. For example, players can’t see the statistics of a chosen team, so they risk connecting with the wrong people. Users there have nothing for essential analytics, choosing tournaments, managing the team….

As a result, in eSports, which became almost as popular as the NBA, we have 250 million people with the desire to become professionals and just 1 million teams. Where are the other 49 million teams? Why can’t 245 million players just build their eSports career? That’s because they don’t have decent tools!

DreamTeam provides them. It is an all-in-one platform created by a professional player for professional players and for those who dream of becoming one. It has everything that a newbie in eSports needs, such as:

  • the ability to search for other players with different rankings, for games to practice, and for events to participate in;
  • management tools for analytics, coaching, and marketing;
  • possibilities for earning sponsorships and selling media rights, player transferring, and tournaments prizes;
  • and even more.

A big variety of gaming systems is one of the best features of DreamTeam. eSports are not limited to the PC, and players on consoles and mobile devices will get professional tools for their eSports careers as well.


DreamTeam is based on the super progressive technology of blockchain and smart contracts. This will make all activity and player data secure and free from any fraud. People won’t need to use third-party services to guarantee different contract payments—everything can be done directly between team members, coaches, and tournament organizers. Information in blockchains is visible for everyone, but at the same time, it’s totally protected from any retroactive changes.


Monetization of the Project

No projects can live long and prosper without a thought-out monetization scheme. This aspect is totally OK in DreamTeam! The platform proposes some paid services, which significantly expand the possibilities of users—for example, big data analytics or Premium Accounts, which allow using an advanced search for players and teams, an unlimited number of allowed games & profiles per game, and improved options for building a team. There are two types of Premium Accounts (for players and for teams), with a monthly price of $4.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Here’s the moment when DreamTeam proves itself as a very, very interesting cryptocurrency project—all payments can only be made with special DreamTeam tokens. After a while, they will turn into a kind of universal currency of the game industry, accepted outside the platform; users will be able to buy in-game items with them, make donations to their favorite streamers, purchase tickets for eSports tournaments, and get new games and even hardware.


What about purchasing these tokens right now?

DreamTeam tokens are distributed in two phases with pre-sales before them. You can buy them with Ethereum and Bitcoins. ERC20 token standard is used for the sales. After the start of the monetization process, DreamTeam tokens will be exchanged at a 1=1 ratio for a more convenient platform. Get more information about the DreamTeam Token Distribution here.


DreamTeam: A Power-Up for the Whole eSports Industry

Investing in the gaming industry, and especially in the area of eSports, is a totally prospective decision! We’ve experienced powerful growth in the market, and this process will continue. In 1997-2003, the market capitalization was $5M, in 2004-2010 it was $50M, and in 2011-2016 we saw $500M. In 2017-2023, we expect it to grow to the level of $5B. eSports will become the main entertainment industry on the planet!

DreamTeam opens opportunities for players to make a career in eSports, and for investors to join this interesting and prosperous market. It began as the brilliant idea of one man!


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