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DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by HADE. The information provided in this post is the responsibility of the writer.

If you exclude gaming and casinos, the overwhelming majority of ICOs over the last year are tied to plans in the investment management, brokerage, investment funds, advertising, infrastructure, and social networking industry. Of the 500 listed ICOs, I can safely say at least 100 fall in these categories, but unfortunately, the overwhelming majority are nothing more than plans. Hardly any have working business models, much less actual revenue from customers. In other words, we are mainly talking about ideas.

HADE Token is unlike any ICO before it, because it is tied to a working business with actual revenue, and it is the only single token with the potential for large scale usage in every single category that’s noted above. Allow me to summarize how, and keep in mind we have triple digit growth with the average user spending 28 minutes per day on HADE Platform, comparable to Facebook. Furthermore, we are giving away services absolutely free that people currently pay $20,000 annually to access at Bloomberg. We can do that because our premium services from AI are transcendent in the investment research industry, an absolute breakthrough with no real competition. Our premium services will create a new standard. Therefore, we are happy to give away the “current standard” in exchange for traffic.

  • We will monetize free users via ads, a blockchain derived advertising platform with verifiable clicks and conversions. HADE Token will be used to purchase ads or converted into ad space.
  • Individual members can purchase single or many of our eventual 15 premium services via HADE Store with HADE Token. Third party service providers can also publish applications in our HADE Store for purchase with HADE Token.
  • Financial Institutions can purchase their six, seven, or eight figure annual licenses with HADE Token. This includes complete access to all premium and free services on a dedicated portal with customer relationship management, productivity, and communication tools for the enterprise (ie
  • We will license the use of our database, services, and advertising network to third-party providers.


Our core HADE Token usage penetrates HADE Platform into a $50 billion market, and we expect to take a big bite out of that market very quickly. However, as our network of users grows beyond 5,000,000 with Facebook like engagement, new opportunities and usages for HADE Token will be created. Here are some we anticipate, and will pursue:

  • Crypto Information Technology. We will build the Crypto Platform with the same approach and technology used in HADE Platform. This will allow us to combine two worlds: security and crypto currency investors. This will also create new advertising and premium service opportunities in the HADE Store.
  • Crypto Exchange & Online Brokerage. With millions of engaged users, HADE Platform will evolve as an online brokerage in the crypto and security markets. HADE Token will play a crucial role in this process.
  • Tokenized Investment Funds. HADE Platform will create many exclusive investment products only available to purchase with HADE Token.
  • Decentralized Banking. HADE Token will pursue full scale currency transfer, storage, and processing for daily use and banking.

Many ICOs present good ideas, but there is a fundamental issue with many. In order for any currency to be successful, there must be usage, a need, and a large network. A company can not create “tokenized investment funds” without having the network to purchase those funds. That is one issue we won’t have thanks to the innovation of our platform, and our strategy to pursue free, paying, and institutional customers.

With Facebook-like engagement among our users, and expectations to reach at least 5,000,000 active users and 50,000 paid users within two years, we have the luxury to create new products and services, and enter new businesses to continuously grow our usage and market for HADE Token. In other words, our addressable market quickly grows from $50 billion to $500 billion, and possibly several trillion dollars as HADE becomes the “all-in-one” token of crypto-currency. The possibilities are endless.


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