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Token-SaleMarch 20th 2018 – April 19th 2018
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Project Concept 
Giftcoin is a new platform that uses the blockchain to revolutionize charitable giving - providing complete transparency and accountability across the donation process. With confidence in the charitable sector is seriously compromised, never has cultivating trust with donors been more important. They believe that Giftcoin is the crossover application of blockchain technology the world has been waiting for.
Project Purposes
Giftcoin's purpose is to to create a world in which every time you give money to charity and good causes you can have total trust that your funds are going exactly where you want them to.
By giving absolute trust and confidence, they believe donors will choose to give more money to the causes they care about. They give donors absolute confidence that their funds are being used for the purpose they donated.
They offer the chance to build trust and confidence via greater transparency, bringing them more money to increase their impact.
The company wants to offer a wide selection of trusted charity organizations with precise tracking of money and low commission to make even more people donate their money to good causes.
As a platform, each time you as a user make a purchase, the service rounds the payment and converts the extra into Giftcoin. As Giftcoin accumulates, you choose who to donate and support on the Giftcoin platform. Once you have chosen your causes, Giftcoin shows you exactly when and where your donation money is placed.
The Giftcoin application will allow users to accumulate Giftcoin by rounding their daily expenses to the nearest dollar and turning the difference into Giftcoin.
By accumulating small amounts as part of daily life, donation becomes an automated process. This allows you to automatically back up the causes that interest you. Micropayments that occur in the background and that do not require user input, allow you to accumulate more Giftcoin.
Giftcoin’s long-term vision is to be an active end-to-end donation platform. This means that by using a distributed ledger and blockchain, you can trace the route of the funds you donate to a charity or a good cause until such time as the resources reach their destination.

The purpose of the project with examples
The company will utilize smart contracts to be completely transparent about who is receiving the donations. This will encourage more users to actually donate.
You will acquire tokens and then you will be able to donate to the institution that you want and track the money to see if it was used as you were told that it would be.
Giftcoin will be used initially to provide transparency to donors and to provide an accounting book that banks and other officials can not manipulate.
Giving money to charity is a one-directional experience. You give money, and you hope it goes where you intended it. According to Whitepaper, you can have absolute confidence that your money is going exactly where you intended.
Giftcoin App
Micropayments which happen in the background with no input required from the user will allow you to accumulate Giftcoin.
Having created some apps on the App store and with experience in technology and fintech, they are obsessed with creating products that are seamless and people
love to use.
The process of collecting and donating Giftcoin using Giftcoin round-up app goes like this:
Step 1: Setup
Step 2: Spend
Step 3: Donate
Setup: In a series of simple steps the user downloads their secure wallet and links it to their bank account. They then set a maximum amount per month of Giftcoin they would like to purchase to avoid any surprises.
Spend: Each time the user makes purchases, their Giftcoin wallet rounds up to the nearest dollar and converts the difference to Giftcoin which is stored in the users wallet.
Donate: As Giftcoin accumulates in the users wallet, they have three options. They can automate the wallet to donate to their selected cause(s) each month, they can manually donate to different causes as they wish, or they can accumulate Giftcoin to use in the future.
Giftcoin Architecture
GiftCoin Smart Contracts
End-to-end giving is their long-term vision, and they recognize this will only be fully possible when those at
the end of the value chain can be paid in Giftcoin. Although this is technically possible now, it requires the greater adoption of cryptocurrencies which is
still several years away.
Giftcoin Key Features
The four key features of Giftcoin are,
1. No public mining or PoW.
2. High transaction volume.
3. Heterogeneous ledger network - not all nodes are equal.
4. Adapted for networks that have very low bandwidth at the edge.
The Solution
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: GIFTAccepting: BTC, ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 45%
Type: ERC20Soft cap: 25,000,000 GIFT
Price in ICO: 1 GIFT = 0.10 USDHard cap: 100,000,000 GIFT
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GIFTKnow Your Customer (KYC): YES
Token DistributionBonus
Token Offering 1: 10.00% (100,000,000 GIFT)Bonus on Pre-Sale: 50% Bonus
Token Offering 2: 35.00% (350,000,000 GIFT)Bonus on First 24 Hours Public Sale: 25% Bonus
Foundation Reserves: 25.00% (250,000,000 GIFT)Bonus on First Week Public Sale: 15% Bonus
Founders and Team: 15.00% (150,000,000 GIFT)Bonus on Second Week Public Sale: 5% Bonus
Undefined: 15.00% (150,000,000 GIFT)Bonus on Early Whitelisting for Public Sale: 10% Bonus
Token Distribution

Fund Allocation
Tech Development: 47%
PR, Marketing and Sales: 29%
Legal and Accounting: 12%
Admin: 7%
Overheads: 5%

March 2018First Token Event: Preparing for a big day when you will be able to participate in our cause.
Giftcoin will start selling on 20th of March 2018, at 9:30 EST. We hope you can join us!
July 2018MVP Release: Our MVP will meet all the core requirements for the platform to its purpose.
We hope to have the first batch of charity organizations to choose from an operational currency.
September 2018Beta Version Release: Plan to start the 2nd token sale, with a functional product.
October 2018Final Product Rollout: The full, all guns blazing rollout of Giftcoin is planned as the charitable
and good causes currency.
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