Five of the best ICO tools

Five of the best ICO tools

If you are planning to launch your own ICO or simply considering investing in one, then the more information you can gather the better. Here’s our selection of some of the best online tools that you can make use of:

Tools for ICO Companies
Having successfully raised $30M in its own ICO in early 2018, is now offering its own ICO advisory service. Those planning an ICO can take advantage of’s expertise in launching integrated campaigns, its marketing experience and network of advisers and influencers. The company also offers an angel investor programme and a seed and venture fund. In an increasingly crowded space, it’s clear that successful ICOs will need to work harder to stand out, and has the tools to help make that happen.

A B2B company that provides blockchain tools and services, Ambisafe is one of a handful of new businesses in this space. They can build ICO platforms and create tokens, which offers a solution for those who have an ICO project in mind, but don’t necessarily have the resources to bring it to life.

BlockStarter is a platform for launching and managing ICO campaigns. Sign up and the site provides you with a dashboard that compiles everything you need to know about your crowd sale, token balance and your campaigns. The site can also provide a wallet that accepts all the major cryptocurrencies and a smart contract generator.

Tools for ICO investors

Well, we couldn’t leave the website you’re reading off the list, could we? Coinschedule offers the definitive list of current and forthcoming ICOs, all of which have been filtered by our ICOrank algorithm. Projects that fail to reach a minimum ICOrank are not accepted into our listings at all. Once on the website, projects are given a Coinschedule Trust Score based on the information they provide. ICOs can improve their Trust Score by providing links to their white paper and website, as well as by having each team member’s identity verified. This benefits potential investors but it’s good for participating ICOs too.

The ICO Digest
With more than 5,000 subscribers, The ICO Digest has built up a solid following among those in the ICO field. Landing in your inbox once a week, the email digest does a good job of rounding-up all the stories you need to know about. If you’re involved in this space then it’s likely that you spend a lot of time doing your own research. But it’s nice to know there’s a source that will pick up anything you miss.

Week in Ethereum News
Ethereum is the cryptocurrency that many ICOs are built on and this website is a good place to find out everything that has been happening in that world. A long list of headlines from each week are broken down into simple headings – for example, “stuff for developers” and “governance and standards” – which makes it easy to skim through and find just what you need to know.

As the buzz around ICOs grows and the number of people it involves increases, it’s clear that the sector is professionalising. This means newcomers – whether investors or companies that want to launch an ICO – can rely on an increasing range of proven tools to get things done more quickly and effectively. Expect many more of these tools to launch in the coming months.


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