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Token-SaleFebruary 26th 2018 – March 11th 2018
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Project Concept 
Fidelium offers cross-exchange trading platform for cryptocurrency. Fidelium’s trading system, named “Fortress,” enables users to trade at multiple exchanges around the world at once, within a single trading platform. It seamlessly connects numerous exchanges and allows users to freely choose which exchange to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Fortress will be integrated with the Fidelium mobile app, which features a multi cryptocurrency wallet, and a debit card payment system interface.
Project Purposes
Fidelium's purpose is to create an app-based POS system, embedded debit card, that will allow consumers to make purchases with their tokens as opposed to paper money. Just like a standard debit card provided by banks, it will take funds from one’s cryptocurrency balances.
Fidelium plans to develop a system that allows consumers to use cryptocurrencies to trade stocks and options.
The three factors that strengthen the Fidelium Debit Card are,
1. Multi-coin wallet app.
2. Liquidity Provider.
3. Cryptocurrency OTS
These factors are required to prevent possible losses associated with fluctuating markets and coin values, increase security and ensure theft does not occur.
Making a purchase with the Fidelium Debit Card, a secure API will be created to communicate the information separately with the debit card network on Fidelium’s side.
Fidelium’s Fortress Online Trading System (OTS) offers a way to ameliorate price difference by providing access to different exchanges around the world within a single platform. You can buy any cryptocurrency you wish at any supported exchange and sell it at any exchange, even if it’s not the exchange you bought it from.
Using their mobile app you can manage Fidelium token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and another supported cryptocurrency,
By partnering up with payment processors around the world, they aim to enable quick & convenient deposits and withdrawals, anywhere in the world, without any special restrictions or waiting time.
They are developing their proprietary Online Trading System. No longer you will need to type in the price or the quantity when trading. Just simply double-click on the price, and it’s done.

The purpose of the project with examples
You can manage Fidelium token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and another supported cryptocurrency, all within their Fidelium mobile app.
Since you will be managing various coins in your Fidelium mobile app, it may become a bit of a hassle when selecting your payment option for debit card transactions. So, you can set the default crypto for your debit card, for your convenience.
Anyone with the Fidelium App installed on their phone can apply for pre-paid debit cards. All they have to do with go through the verification process and apply via the app.
You can also pay for vouchers or coupons directly within the Fidelium app. Whether it be coffee or cake, they aim to add a variety of products to store.
You can use your Fidelium debit card anywhere in the world, that accepts debit card payments. Whether it is online or offline, Fidelium debit card is there.
Anyone with a Fidelium app installed on their phone can send or gifts to another Fidelium app user.
Fidelium App
Fidelium App gives you four key features:
1. Multi-Wallet
2. Debit Card
3. OTS
4. In-App Payment
How Fortress System Connects Users
Fortress brings different exchanges around the world together into one platform and delivers them at your fingertips. You can buy any cryptocurrency you wish at any supported exchange, and sell it.
at any exchange, even if it’s not the exchange you bought it from.
Fortress OTS (Online Trading System)
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: FIDAccepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 30%
Type: ERC20Total Supply: 300,000,000 FID
Price in ICO: 1 FID = 0.40 USDHard Cap: 150,000,000 FID
Know Your Customer (KYC): NOBounty: Available
Restricted Areas: USA, Singapore
Token DistributionBonus
ICO: 30.00% (90,000,000 FID)Bonus on Public Pre-Sale: 40% Bonus (30,000,000 FID Allotted)
Marketing: 30.00% (90,000,000 FID)Bonus on ICO 1st Stage: 30% Bonus (30,000,000 FID Allotted)
Pre-Sale: 20% (60,000,000 FID)Bonus on ICO 2nd Stage: 20% (90,000,000 FID Allotted)
Company Reserve: 10.00% (30,000,000 FID)Bonus on ICO 3rd Stage: 10% (90,000,000 FID Allotted)
Team Members: 10.00% (30,000,000 FID)
Token Distribution

Fund Allocation
Platform Development: 45%
Marketing: 45%
Legal Counsel: 5%
Donation & Charities: 5%

October 2017Start of Fidelium Mobile App Development.
November 2017Contract Signed with a Mastercard Provider.
December 2017Start of Fortress Development.
January 2018Fidelium Public Pre-Sale Starts.
February 2018Fidelium Public Pre-Sale Ends / ICO Starts.
March 2018Fidelium Official ICO Ends.
Fidelium Token Listed on Exchanges.
April 2018Fidelium Mobile Application Release.
May 2018Fidelium’s “Fortress” ver. 1.0 Release
Cryptocurrency Trading Available for All Users
Support for 5 major exchanges in selected regions around the world,
such as South Korea, Japan, China, and the United States.
Fiat Currency Support in the United States
July 2018Business Incorporation & Fiat Currency Support in South Korea.
November 2018Business Incorporation & Fiat Currency Support in China & Hong Kong.
December 2018Fortress Pro. Version Release.
March 2019Business Incorporation & Flat Currnecy Support in japan.
April 2019Additional Asian exchanges added to Fortress.
August 2019Business Incorporation & Fiat Currency Support in Europe.
January 2020Fidelium Mobile App Ver. 2.0 Release.
March 2020Business Incorporation & Fiat Currency Support in Singapore.
September 2020Additional European exchanges added to Fortress.
December 2020Fortress System Windows 2.0 Release.
May 2021Business Incorporation & Fiat Currency Support in Southeast Asia.
June 2021Business Incorporation & Fiat Currency Support in South America.
September 2021Additional European exchanges added to Fortress.
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