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Token-SaleFebruary 15th 2018 – April 1st 2018
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Project Concept 
The Fabric Token (FT) ecosystem aims to empower individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts by providing a bundle of user-friendly software. The products within the FT ecosystem will focus primarily on helping people of any background to create and deploy their decentralized application (DApp), without the specialized computer programming knowledge that they would usually need.
Project Purposes
Fabric Token's purpose is to make decentralized applications available to everyone. In order to make it a reality, they have come up with an ecosystem which makes building DApps from scratch a walk in the park.
The platform makes use of a tried and tested approach in the cryptocurrency sphere to create a DApps development environment with easy to use interfaces, with which individuals can create their own smart contracts and applications over blockchain.
The Fabric Token platform offers a solution which is akin to WYSIWYG development tools that make building websites as easy as dragging and dropping various elements.
The FT project aims to drive widespread blockchain adoption as Fabric Token is designed not just to accommodate complex systems but also a simple one that is used by everyone.
Fabric Token system is composed of 4 major parts, which include TokenGen. A simple web application for smart contract generation, which can be readily used to create custom tokens and crowdsale code to run an ICO.
TokenGen is supplemented by DApp Workbench, which provides the environment for businesses of any size to easily create decentralized applications without the inherent need for programming knowledge.
The value of Fabric Tokens will be tied directly to the overall performance and growth of the Fabric Token ecosystem.
The Fabric Store enables monetization of products and services built over the platform by providing a place to buy and sell smart contract components, DApps and more against FT cryptocurrency.

The purpose of the project with examples
The Fabric Token Ecosystem team believes that the ease of creating smart contracts would lead to a wider creation of DApps, or distributed apps.
The work of DApps would hinge on the smart contract. The smart contract code generated by TokenGen will be fully tested and ready for deployment, and in conformity with latest Solidity programming and security standards.
The Fabric ICO aims to create an entire ecosystem with several sub-divisions: the Fabric Token, the TokenGen tool, the DApp Workbench environment, and the Fabric Store.
The Fabric Store would allow developers to earn tokens and build a reputation by complementing TokenGen and DApp Workbench with their built software components.
Every project would have the ability to create its own token and link it to a smart contract. Use cases may go beyond fundraisers, and into areas like time tracking, or other forms of reward.
Fabric Token Platform
Fabric Token is a crypto ecosystem that has been designed to “allow users and businesses” to adopt the blockchain in an easy, seamless manner. It makes use of smart contracts to execute all transactions and will contain four key components including:
1. Fabric Token
2. TokenGen
3. DApp Workbench
4. Fabric Store
Fabric Token: The Fabric Token (FT) will be the utility to pay for various products and services within the platform. If a start-up wants to create token and fundraiser smart contracts for their project, they will have to pay a small fee in Fabric Tokens to get access to the code.
TokenGen: The TokenGen can be defined as a simple web application for smart contract generation. TokenGen and its application will allow users to generate smart contracts for their tokens guided through a step by step process. The intention is to make a user-friendly interface and process for every enterprise and individual.
DApp Workbench: The DApp Workbench is the platform created for businesses that will allow them to incorporate smart contracts and blockchain into BPM. It is simple to do it, the enterprise will just use an application with a drag-and-drop interface, which will make use of the BPMN 2.0 standard, enabling the import and reuse of diagrams created using other BPMN-compatible tools.
Fabric Store: This is a decentralized marketplace for smart contract components. The Fabric Store would allow developers to earn tokens and build a reputation by complementing TokenGen and DApp Workbench with their built software components. These programmers will allow the Fabric Token ecosystem to grow, expand and success by providing better possibilities for businesses and individuals.
TokenGen Web Application
DApp Workbench
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: FTAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 71.25%
Type: ERC20Total Supply: 100,000,000 FT
Price in ICO: 1 FT = 0.1125 USDHard cap: 9,000,000 USD
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESTokens for Sale: 71,250,000 FT
Restricted Areas: USA, China, SingaporeExchange Rate: 8,000 FT per 1 ETH
Token Sale Participation
Budget Allocation
Product Development: 55% of the budget – allocated to the core Fabric Token team.
Marketing: 14% of the budget – allocated for expanding awareness and adoption of the Fabric Token ecosystem.
Contractors: 11% of the budget – allocated for third-party service providers offering engineering, marketing, growth-hacking, PR, partnerships, and other necessary services
Legal: 9% of the budget – allocated for legal costs.
Contingency: 6% of the budget – allocated for unforeseen costs.
Administration: 5% of the budget – allocated for security, accounting and other associated administration costs.

Token Distribution
Public: 71.25% (71,250,000 FT)
Core Team: 12.00% (12,000,000 FT)
Partners: 8.75% (8,750,000 FT)
Advisors: 7.00% (7,000,000 FT)
Marketing: 1.00% (1,000,000 FT)

September 2017Started Development on TokenGen: The tool will be available to users as soon as the Fabric
Token launch is finalized.
October 2017Started Development on DApp Workbench: Extensively tested and ultimately determined
the software architecture, technology stack, supported blockchains, and modeling notation
for the BPM.
February 2018TokenGen 1.0: Includes fully functioning web application for token and fundraiser smart
contracts generation.
April 2018TokenGen 2.0: Additional smart contract templates added for both token and fundraiser
July 2018DApp Workbench Public Beta: Includes the fully functioning DApp Workbench desktop
application as well as cloud with a limited set of smart contract components, which will
be determined and publicized prior to the beta launch.
September 2018DApp Workbench 1.0: Extends the beta version of the software by significantly expanding
the smart contract components provided by DApp Workbench.
October 2018Fabric Store Development Start: Initial code for the smart contracts of the project is written,
optimized, tested, audited, and then deployed. Next, a UI to work with the smart contracts
is developed.
December 2018Fabric Store Public Beta: Partly functional UI connected to the smart contracts of the Fabric
Store is open to the public for testing purposes.
February 2019Fabric Store 1.0: The first fully operational decentralized marketplace for smart contract
components is officially released thus allowing third-party developers to further improve
the performance of our vanilla projects and expand the adoption of the Fabric Token
2019+Further Improving The Fabric Token Ecosystem: Further improvements to the Fabric Token
ecosystem mainly focused on expanding the functionality scope covered by the smart contract
components making the products accessible to an ever-growing group of users and businesses.
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