Edgecoin and its solution to solve Problems in the Contemporary Educational Sector

With the better-than-ever penetration of the internet, there have been massive advancements in the educational sector. More and more students are now dependent on the internet for texts, study materials and so on. In fact, it has become possible for a student to take lessons from a foreign university due to the online courses offering. But, a large number of issues have also come up in the e-learning courses and self-education system. Now, as students have the option to choose from a large number of courses and different kinds of degrees, they may not always choose the best faculty or institution. Availability of good translations over the internet is also an issue. Translations are an essential aspect of studying nowadays as students from different nations and speaking different languages often need to refer to a text written in their non-native language.

Common issues and potential solution through Blockchain

Expensive translations have to be verified by notaries and it has become really difficult to find out the ‘true’ translation amongst numerous frauds. So is the case with original texts. Abridged versions and adaptations of the original text are easily found over the internet. The transparency and the decentralization of Blockchain technology can take e-learning to the next level. The publishing houses can use the blockchain technology to store the documents, texts, and journals on the blocks and give access to a select few people to prevent duplication of the documents.

Now, in the larger scenario blockchain technology can prove to be even more beneficial. A student can choose any course from any university and can even combine colleges, e-learning courses and other academic achievements. It has the potential to become the safest way of storing personal data that can be seen only by the owner and with whoever s/he chooses to share the code.On top of that, all grades, degrees and other achievements cannot be altered by any party. This will prevent fraud from any side.The students can also search for jobs independently and thus improve their chances of being hired by their desired company. Edgecoin has taken up the task of revolutionizing the education market. The ‘traditional’ approach towards education will thus be extirpated. The word “boundaries” will no longer create borders when it comes to searching and applying for jobs. It will truly become an extremely fast and secure way of searching jobs that will have no borders. This way the colleges, as well as the companies, will also be benefited.

Challenges faced due to Scam degrees and CVs

Nowadays, it has seemingly become easy to create fraud degree and certificates that are fooling even the top companies during the hiring process. Such incidents have made the headlines over the past few years. To prevent fake CVs and false degrees, Edgecoin says that the time has come to utilize blockchain technology in securing these documents. The students and job aspirants with the help of the technology can store their qualification documents on the blocks that are code encrypted. They will be able to give access to only those who are concerned. This will prevent wide circulation of the documents and thus duplication of them.

Being the first education and e-learning token that uses blockchain technology, Edgecoin aims to take advantage of advanced smart contract technology such that it will protect the CVs with a code. The code will be universally accepted. Completing a course on any of the partner websites and the partnered colleges of this ICO will secure the certificate as a smart contract. The student can then easily fill up the job application with only the public key of the smart contract. The company the student has applied for will be able to see his or her qualifications. Everything will be as clear as distilled water. Moreover, the process will save up substantial time for the company and the effort required for eliminating frauds. The process of applying and accessing the candidate will speed up remarkably.

Cost efficiency is another big advantage of Edgecoin. The technology will cut costs by up to -400% for issuing certificates or the re-issuance of old ones. By storing all information on Blockchain layers, Edgecoin will eliminate bureaucracy and paperwork.

Edgecoinand its Blockchain as a Service approach for the education sector

“Imagine the future of education 10 years from now on. The entire academic and professional career of every student and later employee is recorded on the blockchain in and by smart contracts.

These smart contracts contain all of your skills, qualifications, certificates and also job records. Just one klick on your unique smart contract public address authorized by you can provide proof of your skill set for inquiring parties such as public authorities, institutions, employers and so on. No more notarized documents, translations or huge PDFs with all of your data.” 

Kambiz Djafari, CEO and co-founder Edgecoin

The project of Edgecoin had begun in early 2017 after it had reviewed the issues faced by contemporary e-learning and self-education system. And the team is already running pilots with several clients such as the Northstar College based in Somaliland or some universities based in the EU.

They are addressing the Educators as a whole and also corporates facilitating talent management by providing their employees with e-learning solutions. Both markets combined are more $ 200 billion in value and this is huge potential for Edgecoin to face. Their clients will have to enroll in every major online learning platform for a certificate or degree course by providing their qualifications to date. After successful completion of the course, they will be awarded certificates and degrees that will be encrypted through Edgecoin smart contracts. The process is not complicated and totally secure. The clients (students) will be able to see their academic progresswith college degrees and e-learning courses within one simple code and shape their career accordingly. With everything in one place and just a click away, the students will also be able to review their steps in future. Security of the unique certificates is the priority of Edgecoin. Therefore, they have adopted the concept of using smart contracts from the Ethereum blockchain to add an extra level of security, although the implementation of their own Blockchain is planned for the further future. The institutions will also be benefited from the total procedure. They will no longer have to prepare and print and store documents. The certification process will also become easy as everything will be digitalized and stored on the blocks. The total process will be managed by the Edgecoin technology which is integrating different protocols like IPFS, Oringin, Civic and further layers that all interact with the underlying Ethereum Blockchain.


The article clearly discusses the challenges faced by modern educational institutions offering e-learning courses. Students also find it difficult to find translations and also when applying for jobs. Mostly, they have to go the traditional way that is time-consuming, expensive and harmful to the environment. The challenges faced by companies during the recruitment process, students and colleges can thus be solved by Edgecoin with the help of smart contracts and blockchain technology. By being much faster than traditional methods, a lot cheaper than current processes, immune against hacking, fraud, and viruses and environmentally friendly, Edgecoin truly is a jack of all trades for the academic world that needs to be changed.

The Edgecoin ICO is up and running until April 6th 2018 in order to accelerate their business activities.

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