ICO Spotlight: Interview with Volodymyr Panchenko from Dmarket

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello Volodymyr, please tell us about DMarket. What is it?

DMarket is the first cross-game marketplace that allows gamers from all over the world to trade or exchange in-game goods originating from any gaming platform. DMarket will allow more than two billion gamers to buy and sell their items. Existing solutions are currently covering only 6% of gamers globally. DMarket gives this opportunity to everybody.


Right, so you connect different game worlds?

Yes, that what we do. We connect game worlds, creating one big universe of in-game goods with equal rights and opportunities for all gamers.

It would have been impossible to unite thousands of developers and millions of game universes without blockchain technology. At this point, blockchain and smart contracts are the only way to connect every game and every publisher in a single system.


What’s the advantage for the gamers?

It’s easy: DMarket gives them an opportunity to earn by doing something they love – hunting rare items, buying and selling in-game goods, etc. It is inspiring, interesting and profitable at the same time. Our marketplace will satisfy the “trade needs” of all gamers, as opposed to the other platforms that currently cover 130M (6%) videogame players. Just as I’ve mentioned before. The important part is that a sale or exchange of any virtual item from any game or platform can happen in one click. This turns each and every virtual item into a real commodity for billions of gamers worldwide.


How does your token get value?

Every exchange or purchase, or any other transaction on our platform will require the use of DMarket tokens. The first round of DMarket token sales is planned for August 17th, 2017. All presale participants receive a 10% bonus for purchased tokens, as well as the participants of the first sales day. The first token sale will last only 96 hours. The second sale will be in October. During the second token sale the price for tokens will increase by 25%. No further emissions are planned beyond the first two trading rounds.

Imagine a huge marketplace where the amount of trading and exchanging transactions naturally grows faster over time and so grows the demand for the tokens. That is the best guarantee of DMarket tokens value.


What can you tell us about your team?

We have a core team of three. Co-founder of DMarket Alexander “ZeroGravity” Kokhanovskyy has 17 years of experience in eSports. He is the founder of Na`Vi (Natus Vincere), one of the world’s most popular and successful eSports teams. In 2016 he became a shareholder of ESforce Holdings, the 3rd biggest eSports entity funded by USM Group (Mail.ru, VK .com, Megafon) which raised over $100M of investments in the latest round.

There’s also Andriy Khavryuchenko, the senior developer of DASH cryptocurrency (world top 7, market cap $1.4B). He has 4 years of experience in crypto development and 26 years of experience in software development.

And me, Volodymyr Panchenko, CEO and co-founder of DMarket. I’ve got many years of expertise in virtual items and games trading. I’m the founder of Suntechsoft, which is the number one private merchant of digital games in the world. In the past 5 years we sold over 15 million games via Ebay, G2A and Kinguin. I am also the founder of skins.cash, the 2nd biggest virtual items marketplace (12M items sold in the past year alone). With total annual revenues of $50M+.

We have also a strong advisory board. Top PROs like Oren Klaff, the founder of Intersection Capital, who raised $2 billion in investments, Brian Kerr, Managing Director at GL Ventures, Founder & CEO at Fnatic Gear, Oleg Yavorsky, co-founder of Vostok Games developing company, Evgeniy Grygorovych, Project Leader at GSC Game World (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Cossacks game series) became a part of DMarket team.


Thank you so much, Volodymyr and good luck with your ICO.

Thank you! We’ll do our best. And don’t forget to buy our token 🙂

Find out more about Dmarket here


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