Cyclean’s shot to solve the environment predicament through Blockchain

With the advent of automobiles and other non-eco-friendly industries, our world as we know it has transitioned from a peaceful and green planet to a crowded one whose climate is slowly killing its resident species. The consequences of air pollution have been on the rise since the past few years. Toxic gas emissions and particulate matter which are exuded by automobiles are taking a heavy toll on the lives of humans based in the densely populated areas around the world.

The air quality is getting worse and the risk of developing health issues due to air pollution has been on the rising. To solve this predicament, a team of experts has come forward with the idea of ‘CyClean’ which could be humans best shot at reducing the constant damage. CyClean offers usage of clean electricity and electric vehicles that don’t exhaust fumes and toxic gases.

The Current Predicament

The current predicament associated with greenhouse gases and air pollution is known to all concerned people. If this condition is left to itself, it will go on deteriorating humans’ health on a global scale which would be disastrous. In some mega-cities which are renowned for their exponential development rate, the condition of air is highly toxic because those particular states are home to millions of automobile vehicles. All of those vehicles exhaust toxic fumes and particulate matters that are the primary causes of critical respiratory illnesses.

CyClean’s Need to Save the World

Fortunately, CyClean’s team has found a way to counter the current situation and give humanity a realistic solution to its environmental problems. The use of Electric vehicles is beneficial since it doesn’t utilize any sort of fuel and the combustion taking place in the engine is purely electrical. One of the goals of CyClean is to deliver people all around the world a chance to contribute to the remedy of their ecosystem. CyClean platform and its products want to benefit their users with an economic upper hand.  Since electrical vehicles are;

  • Easily charged
  • Economical
  • Manageable
  • Easily Operated
  • Eco-friendly

Hence, CyClean’s business model includes constructing their platform around a real product which surpasses the electric vehicles line present in the market. CyClean is aiming at electrical bicycles and even motorcycles in Asian countries and gradually grow into electrical cars making. Partners and Team

The CyClean coin is integrated with JPAY platform experienced in cryptocurrency payment systems and it is already spread all across South Korea. The CyClean coin is being used to pay a mobile fee, electrical bicycle rental fee, electric motorbike and other services within JPAY platform. CyClean is also a proud partner of Kocostock, Crypto Global Capital, ICO Engine, Eidoo (renowned ICO launchpad), DOGU (self-driving software), Centurion & Co., SamYool, Eautobahn (self-driving hardware), Daelim Motorcycle and many more influential companies & firms. The CyClean team consists of veteran members and researches having years of experience in blockchain developing, advisory and automobile industry.

The concept of using electric cars as a replacement to petroleum using cars have been out in the markets for years but no other business could influence the current market. But CyClean team is confident in its business model since they understand that selling eco-friendly bikes and cars aren’t going to make users convert from petroleum vehicles to electric automobiles. Hence, CyClean offers its users a one-of-a-kind platform through which they rent CyClean products & vehicles easily and get rewards points as CyClean coins by using those products. The CyClean coins are not average reward points, it will support A/S and various purchases and other such services in future. The concept of mining cryptocurrency using clean electricity without harming the environment is rare and the need of the hour for most.

In an above-mentioned way, CyClean’s team wants to develop their clean cycle with the help of advanced blockchain technologies and becoming a model base for utility coin ICO. The CyClean platform is based out of blockchain, real products and services that are meant to benefit their users as well as the whole planet.

What’s Ahead for CyClean?

CyClean aims to expand into the market with the help of its blockchain-based platform and increasing CyClean coin utility. Below are some of its upcoming plans:

  • Revolutionizing the way rental properties and services are managed with the help of smart contract feature and augmentation.
  • A beta test during the main ICO phase and opening services after the ICO.
  •   Listing CyClean coin on cryptocurrency exchanges and begin mining deployment.
  • CyClean will be focusing on building connections with big partners, discovering ways for energy business and preparing CyClean franchise.
  • Expand research regarding the self-driving electrical car and embed the concept within CyClean platform so that their users can actively contribute as well as get benefitted by the end product.


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