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Token-SaleNovember 20th, 2017 – September 30th, 2018
ICO Listing
Project Concept 
Crymix is an ICO of original blockchain and Cryptocurrency CRX developed by Japanese corporation Crymix Corporation Limited. Crymix Corporation Limited developed this communication application on its own by using the next-generation blockchain and released it as its core service. This application contains communication function like "WhatsApp", "WeChat", "LINE", and it is accompanied by Crymix Wallet which can convert legal currencies and various Cryptocurrencies easily.
Project Purposes
Crymix's purpose is to realize transferring value to the right place at the right time by minimizing the barriers to the movement of the value and provide foundation of such society in which the world shares the various values in real time.
In the future, they will utilize industry-university cooperation mechanism with the national university to accelerate further research, development, and use of their proposed next-generation blockchain and an original platforms using the next generation blockchain originated from Japan.
They started to build a foundation to create a new economic system by combining the blockchain technology and the next generation business plan with the exchange of various values and its essential effects in the Crymix project. They decided to start developing a comprehensive platform that realizes Smart Contract like Ethereum and a stress‒free remittance system like Ripple.
This will have a chat like interfaces where users can engage in voice calls, messages, and video calls. File transfers and group functions are also possible through this application.
There will be a wallet to allow users to carry out transactions in a seamless manner. The wallet will not be limited by geographical boundaries or time restrictions.
The developers plan to come up with an interface that allows third parties get connected. Such integration will use the decentralized aspect of blockchain to link to centralized systems leading to increased versatility.
They will do CRX sales that utilize the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to sell CRX points that will be converted to cryptocurrency CRX, which is the core product of the Crymix project in the future.

The purpose of the project with examples
The Crymix wallet can seamlessly manage legal currency and cryptocurrency and also has the function as an account of a cryptocurrency exchange.
The Crymix wallet is a universal wallet that has no time and no place restrictions on remittance and can exchange appropriate values everywhen needed.
The reference currency for all services of the Crymix platform is cryptocurrency Crymix (CRX). It is the settlement currency at the time of using the service as the peg currency at the time of currency conversion.
In the Crymix wallet, legal currencies and cryptocurrencies are pegged to CRX, and any currency and value are converted smoothly and efficiently.
In Crymix Wallet, you can manage assets and purchase CRX.
Platform Structure
The platform to be developed in the Crymix project would be based on the original blockchain. The services provided on the Crymix platform are classified as "Core Service" which the Crymix Inc implements as a standard function of service. Additionally, third parties other than the Crymix Inc can develop "Third Party Services". Though these services are basically constructed as decentralized applications, some services can be constructed using centralized storage, systems, and external blockchains.
Core Services
The core service is a service provided by applications developed by the Crymix Inc directly on the platform. The application is a communication application but in addition to the communication function, it includes the Crymix wallet which is an integrated wallet of legal currency and cryptocurrency. The core service supports multiple devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, and identifies users to interact all related services of the Crymix project. The core services are as follows:
1. Communication Application.
2. Crymix Wallet.
3. Integration into core service in future.
Communication Application: The communication application provides a simple chat‒like user interface that can perform voice calls, video calls, file transfers such as voice messages and photos and videos, text chat, group creation functions.
Crymix Wallet: The Crymix Inc will submit a notification of the cryptocurrency exchange business in Japan and will operate a cryptocurrency exchange. The cryptocurrency CRX will be listed on the exchange after research and development. The exchange is planning to handle existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), BitcoinCash (BCC), and legal currencies such as the US dollar, Japanese yen and Euro, in addition to the cryptocurrency CRX.
Integration into core service in future: There are various possibilities of usage of the Crymix platform. They are planning to offer various core services not only from the viewpoint of user's convenience.
1. Management of assets not handled by traditional financial institutions.
2. Real estate rental agreement.
3. Stock trading of unlisted companies.
4. Copyright management.
5. Ownership registration of antique collection.
6. Authentic authentication of brand goods and art objects.
7. Traceability of agriculture and manufacturing industry.
8. Management of medical information.
9. Management of business contracts.
10. Registration filing of real estate.
11. Personal identification regarding census registration, tax, etc.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: CRXAccepting: BTC, ETH, JPY
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 33%
Type: ERC20Tokens For Sale: 100,000,000 CRX
Price in ICO: 1 CRX = 150 JPY/1.4 USDFundrising Goal: 160,000,000 USD
Funds Allocation
The use of funds obtained by CRX sale is as follows.
The development cost of platforms and services.
Blockchain R & D expenses.
Fund for Market Make, Service Stabilization.
The budget for industry-university joint research, university‒originated venture business.
Convention festival fee.
Maintenance and operation expenses of the secretariat and research institute.
Promotion, marketing expenses.
Construction and operation cost of multilingual customer support system.
Remuneration for members and staff.
November 20171. Establish Crymix Inc.
2. Start the first stage sale of CRX.
3. Start preparation for cryptocurrency exchange business license authorization.
January 2018Hold Convention.
February 2018Start the Second stage sale of CRX.
April 2018Complete applying cryptocurrency exchange business license authorization.
May 2018Start the Third stage sale of CRX.
July 2018Exchange CRX points to CRX token.
August 2018Start the Final stage sale of CRX.
October 2018Establish Bank in the Philippines.
November 20181. Release alpha version.
2. Start exchange of CRX token and cryptocurrency CRX.
3. Open the Crymix Exchange (cryptocurrency exchange) in Japan.
January 2019Release beta version, Open stores (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya).
March 20191. Start all Services.
2. List Cryptocurrency CRX to the Crymix Exchange.
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