Coinschedule Contributor Guidelines

Please carefully read our guidelines before pitching and submitting a contributor piece.

Before you write

Search the Blog Section and Site: Coinschedule is a platform for ICO projects to present themselves to potential users and we make it easy for users to find the best ICOs to join. While we discuss everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain world, we are primarily interested in ICOs. Before you write your pitch, search our website and covered categories to find the best angle for your blog.

Topics: Our mission is to guide and help our audience hence we prefer the content that educates and motivates. We are looking for titles that give insight into current trends and offer meaningful learning. We DO NOT accept investment advice and success stories.

Wordcount: Quality over Quantity, always. Do not send us pitches or outlines, we prefer complete and ready drafts. Keep it minimum 800 words to put your point forward.

While you pitch

Proofread and Editing: Informal work with sloppy writing won’t be accepted. If you are not the subject matter expert, do not write. If your blog is full of typos and/or factual errors, we will have to trash it eventually.

Check links: Internet is full of garbage and by garbage we mean the fake news and link farms. Always cite sources that are reliable and have authority in the space. Watch out for our competitors, though.

Disclose any business or financial association: We expect our contributors to disclose any association with the individuals or companies they are writing for/with. It is also against our policy for contributors to sell links in their articles. These rules are very important to keep our publication unbiased and neutral. Violating this could lead to the removal of your profile and all the posts being removed from the site.

Submission Guidelines

Email and Subject: When you’re done drafting your content, send our editor an email at [email protected]. Put ‘Op-ed [Blog Title]’ in the subject to solicit the email.

Route all press-releases to our editors at [email protected]

Guest posts or contributor pieces are not featured on home page of the website. For featured pieces and ICO listing, contact our sales team at [email protected]

Follow-up: Editors are humans just like you but with a huge pile of backlog. Expect a response within 4 weeks and if you do not still hear from them, consider your blog rejected but you can always re-pitch again. We never close the doors 🙂

Republishing: Do not repost or republish your live piece without our permission. You can usually do this after 2 weeks but a written email for the permission is necessary.