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Token-SaleFebruary 21st 2018 – March 21st 2018
CountryHong Kong
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Project Concept 
CoinMetro a one-of-a-kind, licensed, and regulated financial platform that will fuel the future of blockchain innovation. Through a tokenized ecosystem CoinMetro provides a gateway for both novice and professional traders and investors to get involved in the crypto space with an ease of access not yet seen in the industry. Their goal is to make sure that overall CoinMetro experience is nothing short of exemplary.
Project Purposes
CoinMetro's purpose is to serve as an “all-in-one solution for all crypto needs”. It features a user oriented interface that allows not only increased mobility, but also make it easy for new customers to make investments in the world of crypto technology.
CoinMetro is a crypto currency trading platform that uses the technology of blockchains for its operation.
According to Whitepaper, It is a combination of an ETCF (Exchange Traded Crypto Fund) and TAM (Tokenized Asset Management). It focuses mainly on the needs of its users.
Some of the main aspects of CoinMetro that make it stand:
1. Online Exchange
2. Rich trading platform that offers customers with an array of digital asset investment opportunities
3. Turnkey ICO Express solution.
CoinMetro has planned for the future:
1. Direct Payment Portal
2. Personalized Debit Card
3. EveryDay Use Digital Platform
4. Risk Elimination Protocols
CoinMetro has been created by the TEAM behind the regulated Forex broker, FXPIG. FXPIG was founded in 2009. FXPIG is the Forex trading brand of Prime Intermarket Group Asia Pacific Ltd. It offers trading in more than 40 currency pairs and precious metals on two of the most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 and cTrader.
Forex Provider, FXPIG, announces CoinMetro exchange, a new fintech platform built to simplify cryptocurrency trading and investing

The purpose of the project with examples
CoinMetro's crypto trading platform helps users to trade. By which, users can be able to send non – standard as well as standard orders like Markets, stops, limits, OCO orders and Limit stop orders through the coin metro GUI.
CoinMetro does not charge anything for the usage of its GUI. The various TIF options offered by the coinmetro GUI is listed as follows:
1. IOC – Immediate or cancel
2. FOK – Fill or kill
3. GTC – Good till cancelled
The GUI can be accessed through IOS or Android applications available with an internet browser.
The crypto currency wallet system of CoinMetro assists its clients in holding, withdrawing or depositing funds as per their wish.. The Wallets of coin metro are usually multi – signature in nature. These wallets utilize the multi – signature technology of BitGo.
CoinMetro offers Debit Card to its clients (users) for monitoring their wallet status and accessing their wallet balances. Both crypto currency as well as fiat wallets can be accessible with the help of this debit card.
CoinMetro Exchange enables ATM cash-out for cryptocurrency. The users can use more than one account with a single debit card,
CoinMetro Services
CoinMetro Ecosystem Solution
CoinMetro Exchange Platform
CoinMetro Promised to give Easy, accessible services that users actually want. Real customer support. Proactive approach to regulations.
1. Fast & Scalable
2. Emphasis on regulatory compliance
3. Secure
4. Low transaction fees and profit sharing to makers
5. Off-chain transactions and Atomic SWAP like options
CoinMetro Token Distribution
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: XCMAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 50%
Type: ERC20Fundraising Goal: 35,500,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 XCM = 0.12 USDTotal Tokens: 500,000,000
Bonus on Token Sale: 25%Tokens for Sale: 250,000,000
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESSold on pre-sale: 3,571,984 USD
Token Sold: 121,887,422Token Available: 128,112,578
Token Sale
Available for Token Sale: 60%

October 2017Initial eMoney Licensing
Georgia eMoney registration
Start of Development
December 2017Pre-Token Sale
February 2018Token Sale
March 2018FXPIG Blockchain development starts
Exchange Beta Launch
April 2018COIN tradable at CoinMetro
Secondary Licensing
May 2018CoinMetro Liquidity at FXPIG
June 2018COIN accepted at FXPIG
July 2018ICO Express Launch
CM Debit Card Launch
Virtual and physical cards available, possible inclusion of NFC virtual cards
Full PSP Services Launched
October 2018TAM Platform Launch
Crypto ETF Launch
2019New Licenses Acquired
CM & FXPIG Shared dev
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