The Challenges Of Mobile Health Apps Solved By Blockchain Technology

Mobile health apps are increasingly becoming very popular today due to the massive use of smartphones. More than half of smartphones users have a fitness or health tracking app installed on their mobile device. Although this is very good, people who use these apps on their mobile device cannot calculate, share or monetize the data created. This is because, the existing data on the health apps cannot be interconnected, thus limiting the user from utilizing the app to its full potential.

Unfortunately, these limitations have caused health apps to fail the high expectations of tech-savvy individuals. Also, these shortcomings have led to lack of connectivity between the sports and fitness market.

In order to bridge the gaps and challenges faced by health and fitness app developers, the need for a better solution gave rise to Lympo. generates value through information obtained with the help of blockchain-based LYM coin, which is given out as rewards for the user-generated sports and wellness data. The clients are rewarded with LYM tokens that can help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

This development presents a huge opportunity for personal trainers, sport fitness specialists, health insurance and even dietician as they would profit from the cross-platform connecting the various source of fitness and wellness data.

As the data generated from health and fitness apps are confined to a single provider, other stakeholders in the healthy lifestyle ecosystem do not benefit from the insights in this data.

Finally, most of the mobile health apps do not have links to each other, thus limiting the data between them.

How can the Blockchain Technology Help?

Lympo utilizes the blockchain technology to eliminate the challenges faced by users of mobile health and fitness apps. With the lympo digital fitness wallet, users can now create their profile, connect it to the tracking apps and devices, and be rewarded for every healthy lifestyle goals achieved with LYM tokens when the data gets to their data repository on the platform.

Users will not only have a way of aggregating data from different sources but can now monetize it by accessing and storing them on the blockchain, these data will be paid for by health and sport technology companies.

The lympo digital wallet started off in late 2016 and will be available for all fitness professionals to help them track and reward their clients for every healthy milestone achieved. This gamification aspect has a big potential to incentivize the healthy behaviour.

lympo team

The Lympo Team

Objective of has the sole aim of creating a marketplace for the healthcare industry to efficiently make use of the data generated by the mobile health apps. Users of mobile health apps can now receive incentives and rewards for their progress.

Clients can now search for personalized lifestyle goods and services using the health and sports data generated in a particular area. Sports coaches and trainers can now attract more clients using attractive reward systems to lure their potential customers.

Gym and fitness organizations will have the opportunity of marketing their services and facilities to their potential clients. The sport and wellness industry will now be able to target not just local clients but reach out to international clients by improving their products/services based on the experience of different old and prospective clients.

Health insurance companies can now quickly adjust their plans by analyzing the data of their existing clients in other to attract potential clients.

Health and fitness app developers will be able to strengthen on customer engagement by improving their services after analyzing the data of previous customers.

Finally, the interconnectivity created by will be beneficiary to gyms, patients, health apps. Sportspersons, instructors, and health insurance companies.

The Token of

The preparation for token sales and lunch of the platform began in 2017, and in the first quarter of 2018, the pre-sale and sale of the LYM tokens will take place. The total token supply for the LYM is 1 billion, 265 million LYM are available for pre-sale which kicked off from January 23, 2018, and will last as long as the supply remains. The exchange medium used is ETH, and one ETH equals to 40,000 LYM.

20% bonus will be available during the token pre-sale while 22% of the tokens are reserved for the lympo ecosystem empowerment and blockchain for sports foundation. This reserve will be locked for two years after the pre-sales and sales of tokens.

According to the CEO and Founder of lympo, Ada Jonuse:

Lympo ranks amongst the top two in the sports sector and the top four in the health sector on the ICO Bench, an ICO rating that only includes expert ranking, which is giving us a high level of confidence in the lead up to our token pre-sale.”


 Use of Token Sale Funds

From the above information, you will agree that lympo plans on developing an ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle along with the ever-growing lympo community.

The tokens can be used to pay for fitness and health-related products. The platform provides a better way of monetizing data generated by health and fitness apps and devices.

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