CargoConX (TICS)


Token-Sale20th, May 2018 – 31st, August 2018
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Project Concept 
CargoConX aims to solve real-world problems that transport and logistics companies face today. This B2B platform uses the blockchain to resolve issues of ownership and traceability between partners, utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning algorithms to drive out inefficiencies in planning, greatly reduce dead mileage and empty running. and effecting instant payments for all job stakeholders. Finally, and critically, our B2B platform effects instant payments for all job stakeholders, from production to delivery.
Project Purposes
CargoConX is a blockchain-based logistics platform that seeks to revolutionize the global transport and supply chain by making it more quick, simple and user-friendly. By using blockchain technology, the platform will allow logistics and transport companies to price their space capacity and provide shippers with competitive prices, with increased efficiency.
The CargoConX B2B platform will encompass the following features in its ecosystem;
1. CC.Connect
2. CC.Go
3. CC.Marketplace
4. CC.Hub
5. CC.Pay
CC.Connect: The core of the network will facilitate the capacity to connect potential shippers to already existing logistics platform. Seamless integration will also allow members to establish connections.
CC.Go: The Go mobile application is available for the devices of drivers, customers, and shippers to get real-time notifications and communicate within the network.
CC.Marketplace: The marketplace acts as the central data repository that will hold the network's consignments, vehicle availability, and shipment status through the efficient AI algorithms.
CC.Hub: There is also a CCS Hub to enable the user to monitor and manage the progress of active consignments, organize their orders, manage drivers and invoice all data.
CC.Pay: PAY is CargoConX's blockchain payment system that will provide for a streamline transaction service between the businesses on the network.

Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: TICSAccepting: ETH, Fiat
Platform: Stellar LumensDistributed in ICO: 65%
Type: StellarSoft Cap: 500,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 TICS = 0.14 USDHard Cap: 260,000,000 TICS
Tokens for Sale: 422,500,000 TICSMinimum Investment: 100 USD
Bonus Structure
21st May to 3rd June: 20% Bonus
4th June to 17th June: 15% Bonus
18th June to 1st July: 10% Bonus
2nd July to 15th July: 5% Bonus
Token Distribution
Public Sale: 40%
Whitelist Sale: 25%
Founding Team Members: 15%
Advisers: 10%
Company Reserves: 10%

Funds Allocation
Marketing: 40%
Operation & Development: 25%
Infrastructure: 15%
Recruitment: 10%
Legal: 5%
Cash Flow Reserves: 5%

Q4 2018CCS PAY.
Q1 2019CCS TMS.
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