Bitto Exchange (BITTO)


Token-Sale22nd, December 2017 - 15th, August 2018
CountryUnited Kingdom
Project Concept 
BITTO is an Exchange Platform with many features - Trading, Peer to Peer Loans, Proof of Stake, Multi-Level Referral, Signal Trading, Exchange Wallet. Their goal is to provide users a synergetic ecosystem for all their cryptocurrency operation and to offer a unique opportunity for investors to acquire a share in the vital infrastructure which underpins this emergent industry.
Project Purposes
Bitto Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers users services others don’t. Bitto offers 24/7 support to its users and has a mobile app that allows users to trade anytime. It gives users the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies of all shapes and sizes.
Bitto has a lending program that claims to pay users interest rates as high as 18% per day. Users can earn by lending their cryptocurrency to other traders, and earn market-driven interest rates on their loans. Which means users can take a loan and use the money. Borrowing money from your local currency without needing to sell your cryptocurrency.
They have a signal trading system where you can match your portfolio with top trader’s, which means you automatically make trades based on the top trader’s activity. You earn money when they earn money, then pay a small commission in exchange for having your fund automatically managed.
They also have a referral system where you refer a friend to the platform, then you’ll earn commissions every time that friend makes a trade.
BITTO token is the official digital asset of Bitto Exchange Platform. The BITTO token will serve as the primary value transfer medium for users in the BITTO community.
BITTO is a Proof of Stake token based on the Ethereum token ERC20. It is backed by the Ethereum blockchain to provide for lower transaction costs and benefits from the rise in prices on both ETH and BTC. Contributors can purchase BITTO tokens at the time of TGE, and later enjoy special privileges at the launch of the BITTO exchange.

Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: BITTOAccepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 53.81%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 1,000 ETH
Price in ICO: 1 BITTO = 1 USDHard Cap: 30,000 ETH
Total Supply: 22,300,000 BITTOBounty: Available
Tokens for Sale: 12,000,000 BITTORestricted Areas: United States
Token Distribution
Token Generation Event: 34.90% (7,782,700 BITTO)
PoS: 21.70% (4,839,100 BITTO)
Reserve: 17.30% (3,857,900 BITTO)
Bounty Rewards: 8.70% (1,940,100 BITTO)
Team: 8.70% (1,940,100 BITTO)
Referral: 8.70% (1,940,100 BITTO)
Funds Allocation
Development of Exchange: 40%
Operating Cost: 20%
Legal: 15%
Research & Future Development: 10%
Marketing: 10%
HR & PR: 5%
Q3 2017Pre-sale: 22nd Dec 2017.
Q1 20181. TGE Start: 16th Jan 2018.
2. Eidoo Wallet implementation.
3. BITTO ERC20 Token upgrade to version 2 PoS by the end of March 2018.
4. Website UI and landing page redesign and development with clean PHP by the end of March 2018.
Q2 20181. Add Bitto token to at least 2 External Exchanges.
2. Get listed on Coinmarketcap.
3. Acquire a support team for exchange.
4. Test servers and offer bounty rewards for bugs.
5. Add request and registration of tokens feature to the Exchange.
6. Launch MVP 2.0.
7. Announce Dev Team and update Bitto Team Members.
Q3 20181. Launch Exchange.
2. Add TOP-10 cryptocurrencies & additional 15 Alt + TGE tokens/coins.
3. Start the 2nd stage of the referral program.
4. Implement Cold Wallet.
Q4 20181. Test signal interface.
2. Launch lending program.
3. Set up local offices with Support and Private Servers.
Q1 20191. A proactive approach to marketing and promotion of the Bitto usage to local merchants.
2. Implement signal trading with Auto Shield.
3. Start phase 1 of Buyback Burn.
Q2 20191. Establish Bitto Foundation in South East Asia.
2. Launch of Bitto Personal Secure Exchange Wallet on IOS & Android App.
3. Implement Signal Trading with Auto Shield.
Q3-Q4 20191. Merchant and Organisation outreach to expand aids to individuals or charity organizations.
2. Provide Corporate and SME Business Loan into Bitto P2P Network.
3. Launch of Bitto Welfare and Foundation for Charity and individuals on IOS & Android App.
Q1 20201. Relaunching and updating of Bitto Token source code and utility to reflect future market needs.
2. Integrating Signal and Lending platform on Bitto App. Further improvement and research on notification and valuable crypto related information. 3. Enabling payments on Bitto Marketplace for physical goods via Bitto Tokens.
Q2 20201. Signal Platform V2 implementing Telegram Groups into Signal Platform.
2. Launch of Bitto ICO and Local Business Funding and Lending on IOS & Android App.
3. Establishing small business loan & accelerated funding options for local businesses and organisation.
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