BestMixer aims to be the best bitcoin mixer 2018

BestMixer aims to be the best bitcoin mixer 2018 by providing true cryptocurrency anonymisation

True cryptocurrency anonymisation is not easy to achieve, especially with many new startups being founded to provide extremely advanced forensics tools for blockchains. Chainalysis, one of these startups, specialises in bitcoin forensics and collaborates with the IRS to research the links between a cryptocurrency wallet and its owners’ identity.

To counter this,, in its bid to become the best bitcoin mixer 2018, has introduced a completely new level of anonymisation by revealing their Alpha, Beta, and Gamma pools. BestMixer guarantees the total anonymity of digital coins and defies analysis with advanced forensic tools for blockchains by using these reserves.

Users often assume that their cryptocurrency transactions, tokens and wallets are anonymous because there is no name attached to crypto wallets. This is, however, not the case, as traces are left by digital currencies whenever they are used in transactions. The wallet address, as well as various other pieces of information, can be obtained from these traces and that is what companies such as Chainalysis specialise in.

Each individual could become a target for cybercriminals if not using bitcoin mixer

A team member at explained that when a transaction is done with crypto, the balance in the wallet together with its address, the crypto’s origin and even the address of the target wallet could be traced. This means that the individual could become a target for cybercriminals as details of their private life are revealed.

Chainalysis collaborates with the IRS in the USA, using blockchain forensics to analyse crypto transaction data to determine where the crypto, used in the transactions, originally came from. To realise its stated goal of becoming the best bitcoin mixer in 2018, BestMixer has announced a number of reserves aimed at preserving the digital privacy rights of cryptocurrency users.

The Alpha, Beta, or Gamma pools are selected by users and used to mix coins. While coins in the Alpha and Beta are simply mixed and redistributed, the Gamma pool uses only BestMixer’s own pool of crypto that has been verified, and is private and reliable. These reserves have also never been mixed with coins from the other pools. Although using any of the pools to make a deposit produces untraceable, clean bitcoin, only coins in the Gamma pool can’t be traced by using blockchain forensics.

The private reserve coins in the Gamma pool is supplemented by coins from investors. The coins are not then related in any way to, nor are they ever mixed with, tokens in the Alpha pool. Customers who want to break the link between their new and old addresses, but also want to be sure that their source of coins is reliable, will find the Gamma reserve suitable for meeting their needs.

BestMixer has two additional factors in their favour when vying to become the best bitcoin mixer in 2018. The first is the big range of coins they are able to mix, including Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The second factor is their low fees, starting at 0.5% when using the Alpha pool and decreasing to 0.25% when using the service’s cumulative code.

To make BestMixer’s service easier to use, they released a video tutorial on how to mix bitcoin that guides users how to use the site in an intuitive, logical way.

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