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Token-SaleJune 11th, 2018 - August 13th, 2018
Project Concept 
Anything App is a platform which enables everyone to make money, by helping others over the phone. Anything App disrupts the consultancy industry by creating a "Sharing Economy - for Knowledge". This is done through video-calls, calls, and chat. The sellers set their own rate per minute and get compensated in AnyCoin (ANY) or FIAT. It's the sharing economy. Everyone makes money, saves time and have access to help from other people.
Project Purposes
Anything App's purpose is to create a Sharing Economy - for Knowledge. The Anything App is a search-engine-App, to be released simultaneously for iPhone and Android. When entering a query, a list of people will appear as result. These people can be contacted immediately through chat, call, and video-call, who will then offer their support to you, regarding your search. The ‘buyer’ compensates the ‘seller’ with AnyCoin for their time.
Anything App addresses problems which impact our daily lives tremendously: money and free time are the fundamentals by which quality of life is measured. The access to help and information has largely been addressed by the internet, evidence of its necessity can be observed in the billions of searches on Google daily. However, technology can always be improved and Anything App supplements traditional search engines where it matters.
Anything App is a global service and will be translated into all the major languages. True localization of the App will happen one country at the time. They start in Asia, where society is highly entrepreneurial, talkative and with intense mobile phone usage.
AnyCoin is a utility token and the driving component behind Anything App. They apply two set burning methods to reduce the coins available over time. To many users, AnyCoin will be their first token. They introduce blockchain technology to the everyday consumer in selected markets.
AnyCoin (ANY) is a Utility Token on the ERC20/ERC223, Ethereum based platform. The maximum number of AnyCoin tokens is fixed and there will be no further mining after the Token Sale. AnyCoin tokens will be issued automatically via Ethereum smart contract. Two burning methods will apply, per-transaction and through expiring incentivized tokens.

The purpose of the project with examples
Anything App is a search engine which gives you a list of people who can help you as the result. They are immediately available to chat, call or video-call with. The user picks someone who matches their requirements and receives assistance. Person “A” compensates person “B” for each minute of their time in AnyCoins, should person “B” have set a price beforehand.
The search engine format is crucial as consumers are used to one-spot solutions. They have become used to this level of convenience. They do not want to have a variety of Apps on their mobile device to cater to individual industries. Anything App consolidates the world’s expertise in a single location.
Being part of Anything App means being part of a global network where you have access to all the information you will ever need. Should you sign up as a seller yourself, it means that once in a while you will get a call from someone, who you can help with something you are passionate about yourself. Plus, if you choose to set a price, you will get paid for doing so.
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: ANYAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 50%
Type: ERC20/ERC223Hard cap: 6,400,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 ANY = 0.04 USDMinimum Investment: 10 USD
Total Supply: 400,000,000 ANYTokens for Sale: 200,000,000 ANY
Restricted Areas: United States, Syria, North Korea.Know Your Customer (KYC): YES
Bonus Structure
Pre-Sale First Stage: 40% Bonus
Pre-Sale Second Stage: 35% Bonus
Pre-Sale Third Stage: 30% Bonus
Main Sale First Stage: 20% Bonus
Main Sale Second Stage: 15% Bonus


Ecosystem Features
In selected markets, they can incentivize to join by granting a small amount of AnyCoin to them, to help them make their first calls.
After the conversation, the seller has the option to accept the money or return it to the buyer. If the conversation was not a fit, returning the money protects the buyer and five-star rating of the seller simultaneously.
A “no cure, no pay”-badge for sellers makes buyers feel absolutely comfortable, as they know they will always get their money’s worth.
The first thirty seconds of the conversation is always free, to check the connection and make introductions.
A review system creates transparency and is built straight into the call-flow.
Buyers have the option to send a message to a seller before making a call, which enables sellers to promote their service.
Before picking up the phone-call, the seller can see on his phone how many minutes the buyer expects the phone call to last.
They will cooperate with a third party to ensure that scammers are battled effectively.
Automated community management system and analytics console, with the final analysis done by the team.
Sellers verify their social media in order to ensure the authenticity of their profile.

Token Distribution
Crowd Sale: 50.00% (200,000,000 ANY)
Community: 20.00% (80,000,000 ANY)
Team and Advisors: 15.00% (60,000,000 ANY)
Business Execution: 10.00% (40,000,000 ANY)
Future AnyCoin Apps: 5.00% (20,000,000 ANY)

Funds Allocation
Marketing & Sales: 57%
Operations & Customer Support: 26.5%
Product Development: 13.5%
Legal & Administrative: 3%
Q2 2014Initial Idea and Research.
Q3 2017Team Founded, First prototype, market research indicates overwhelming positive feedback.
Q4 2017Rebranding to Anything App, redesign prototype using lean methodology. Perfecting strategy.
Q1 2018Incorporation of Intellectual Property Holding in the Netherlands. token sale preparation.
Q2 2018Establishes subsidiary in Southeast Asia. Starts token sale and raises up to $6.4m.
Q4 20181. The release of Anything App on iOS and Android.
2. Analytics console completed.
3. Global launch of the App and targeted marketing in a selected country in Southeast Asia.
Q1 20191. The desktop version released.
2. Other features added: full language capability for high-traffic regions across the world,
3. Paid advertisements, in-app web-view voting system.
Q2 20191. Features added: verified & corporate accounts, web plugins.
2. Second App with AnyCoin integration is released.
Q4 2019Anything App enters the second country in Southeast Asia.
Q2 2020Anything App enters the third country in Southeast Asia.
Q3 2020Anything App enters the fourth and fifth countries in Southeast Asia.
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