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Token-Sale27th, July 2018 - 1st, October 2018
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Project Concept 
Aenco is a blockchain based global financial solutions platform, combining decades of experience in traditional financial services and prime brokerage, with the network of Healthcare technology innovation partners and new-age applications, collectively developed under the umbrella “Aenco Global HealthTech Financial Solutions platform”.
Project Purposes
The Aenco Blockchain is an evolving permissioned based public distributed ledger technology fuelled by its AEN token. It is designed to enable businesses, in particular healthcare technology sector, to customize a wide array of impactful real life applications. It will also support an array of decentralized financial applications to support the healthtech community/users and amongst other business sectors.
Aenco will gain support from a multidisciplinary financial institution ecosystem that utilizes the benefits of blockchain technology. The core reason behind Aenco’s launch is to empower companies and businesses that have the potential to make a deep impact within the health technology industry. They will help health tech companies find financial solutions and help with blockchain application development.
Aenco is supported by three major pillars, which are;
1. Aenco Prime Solutions.
2. Aenco IB Solutions.
3. Aenco Smartcap Solutions Platform.
The entire ecosystem is fuelled by AEN, which is a utility based token. The AEN token is going to be adopted across various platforms that support the activities of Aenco and the ecosystem including users from the healthtech sector and other partners.
The Aenco IB Solutions are going to cover the launching of the smart wallet application called AEN Connect. It will act as a portal for all the Aenco technology rollouts. This will include a token launcher, a sponsorship platform, an escrow service, an exchange, and an engagement portal for data analytics.
The Aenco Prime Solutions and Aenco Smartcap Solutions are going to cover a decentralized prime brokerage platform that will support collateralized digital assets borrowing and lending. They are also going to cover P2P based financing pools that interface major digital assets and fiat currency.
AEN Token is the fuel of all activity on the Aenco Blockchain and incentive for our participating community. The AEN token will be a key building block that drives all financial transactions, medical utilities and collaboration of human capital, supported by the Aenco blockchain and its financial solutions platforms.

The purpose of the project with examples
Aenco is the world’s FIRST Blockchain based Healthcare Technology Financial Solutions Platform that leverages healthcare technologies with institutional financing, prime brokerage and smart capital solutions under one umbrella.
Aenco is a “one-stop shop” for the delivery of cutting-edge institutional financing, prime brokerage and core smart capital solutions for the HealthTech industry, as well as a research and collaboration hub for healthcare companies and projects involved in the field of blockchain development.
Aenco will be combining its solutions platform and core financial ecosystem with the wider healthcare technology community, through the AEN token, as the key ecosystem building block and extensions across ALL its service and community deliveries.
The Aenco platform empowers emerging and innovative healthcare companies with digital financing capabilities so that they can focus on generating high potential and impactful technologies that can transform the world and day to day lives.
Aenco is supported by the group’s planned regulated infrastructure and presence in major jurisdictions including Europe, Hong Kong, and the United States, through which Aenco will effectively deliver its solutions, generating an increasing and rapidly evolving ecosystem.
Aenco Blockchain
How Aenco Works
Global Community: To enjoy platform membership, priority access to evolving ecosystem opportunities, utility, community rewards, and platform solutions.
Aenco Global Healthtech Financial Solutions: Ecosystem opportunities and utility across three core application platforms: Aenco IB, Prime, and SmartCap Solutions.
Healthtech Partners & Sponsored Projects: Medical utility across an existing pipeline, and expanding the network of HealthTech partners specializing in therapeutics, medical infrastructure, medical data analytics, and innovative forms of healthcare technology services.
Aenco Platform
The platform envisions to capitalize on the strengths of blockchain and decentralized applications, to fuel emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs in tapping a sustainable, and growing ecosystem for its business activities during their ramp-up phase.
Aenco is categorized across three (3) key pillars;
(i) Aenco IB Solutions.
(ii) Aenco Prime Solutions.
(iii) Aenco SmartCap Solutions.
• AEN Connect – Smart Wallet and Aenco Portal;
• AENX – Exchange platform for tokens;
• AEN Connect Escrow and Custody;
• ICO Gateway, Subscription and Integrity Program;
• Research Coverage, Community Discussion, and News Distribution Portal;
• UX/UI Application for multi-service HealthTech utility sharing platform.
• AEN Connect – Cryptocurrency and cross-asset collateralized financing platform.
• Pooling and order matching platform for financing providers and borrowers using cryptocurrencies and major Fiat currencies as eligible collateral.
• Integration with Aenco SmartCap Solutions to facilitate the clearing of fiat currencies.
• Margining and clearing system for collateral financing and structured over-the-counter products issuance.
• Client custodial and asset segregation system.
• Regulatory and financial reporting protocols.
• Integration with AENX and external APIs systems for execution and settlement services.
• AEN Token transaction integration system with core financial modules.
• AEN Connect smart wallet and “proof of stake” integration system with core financial modules.
• Integration system with AENX and Aenco Prime Platform to support clearing services.
The Platform
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: AENAccepting: BTC, ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 15%
Type: ERC223Soft Cap: 15,000,000 USD
Price in ICO: 1 AEN = 0.1 USDHard Cap: 60,000,000 USD
Total Supply: 4,000,000,000 AENMinimum Investment: 1 ETH
Tokens for Sale: 600,000,000 AENRestricted Areas: United States, China
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESUnsold Tokens: To be retained for reserves
Bonus Structure
> 15 ETH: 50% Bonus
> 5 ETH and ≤ 15 ETH: 40% Bonus
≥ 1 ETH and ≤ 5 ETH: 30% Bonus
FOMO Offering (First 24 hours): Additional + 5% Bonus
Week No-1: 15% Bonus
Week No-2: 10% Bonus
Week No-3: 5% Bonus
Token Distribution
Mining Rewards: 50%
Retained by Company and Team: 21%
Token Sale: 15%
Bonus Allocations & Incentive Programs: 14%
Funds Allocation
Sponsorship and Financial Solutions Platform form HealthTech Partners: 40%
Research, Technology Development and Roll Out, and Collaboration Research: 30%
General Working Capital and Infrastructure Setup Capital Requirements: 24%
Marketing and Distribution: 3%
Legal and Compliance: 3%
Q3 2005Aeneas Capital granted Asset Management license by SFC (Hong Kong).
Q3 2008Fund products generate positive returns throughout subprime crisis.
Q2 2010Assets managed by Aeneas deployed into health care private equity and direct investments.
Q2 2016Aeneas Group builds health tech partnership with Aptorum Group, a multi-disciplinary medical innovations platform based in HK.
Q3 2017Aeneas Capital initiates to expand its licenses with the SFC in HK to include dealing and advising in securities; Aeneas expands partnerships with health tech companies specializing in neuro, infectious diseases, and robotic surgery devices.
Q1 2018Aeneas Capital, LLC. established in New Jersey, U.S.A. to set up a FINRA regulated broker-dealer (in progress); Aeneas Group establishing a full-service banking license in Europe (in progress).
Q2 2018June Initiate Private Sale; Aeneas Capital granted expanded licenses by the SFC in HK to deal and advise in securities; Community investors outreach.
Q4 2018Expand team: Developers; 1st pipeline health tech; ICO launch; Launch first generation smart wallet & infrastructure (AEN Connect).
Q4 2019Second generation: AENX trading exchange.
Q2 2020Third generation: AENCO prime brokerage platform; Ongoing service & expansion of pipeline HealthTech partners.
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