Acorn Collective (OAK)


Token-SaleMay 26th, 2018 - June 24th, 2018
CountryUnited Kingdom
Project Concept 
The Acorn Collective is using blockchain to help founders access funding. They provide crowdfunding that is accessible, transparent and more likely to succeed. They are helping fulfill crowdfunding's promise of being a democratic, accessible way for small businesses to get funding. Current platforms are equity-backed, so they focus on projects that give them the best return - with high barriers to entry and often policies that all but shut out developing countries. It's a huge and growing market in the West and a largely untapped market in most developing countries.
Project Purposes
Acorn Collective's purpose is to change the face of crowdfunding using Blockchain technology. The platform claims to be the first to be free and open to any legal project in any country. Using Acorn, anybody from anywhere in the world can raise funds. Acorn wants to work differently. That's why they are creating a platform using blockchain that’s free to use anywhere in the world.
Acorn is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform. The platform revolves around the use of an ERC20 token. That ERC20 token leads to small transaction fees. They avoid charging any platform fees while ensuring transaction fees are minimal.
Acorn doesn’t quite accept any project from any country. The platform will only allow legal, non-harmful projects. However, projects will be accepted from all over the world. The fact that they are free to use may make it a more attractive option in developing countries.
The core parts of the ecosystem include:
1. A crowdfunding hub.
2. A secondary marketplace to sell post-crowdfunding goods and services.
3. A point of sale payments app.
The Acorn token allows for cheap and fast transactions within the ecosystem, including all transactions between backers, companies, and consumers through a single token.

Acorn Collective Ecosystem
Token InfoInvestment Info
Token: OAKAccepting: ETH
Platform: EthereumDistributed in ICO: 60%
Type: ERC20Soft Cap: 7,000,000 OAK
Price in ICO: 1 OAK = 1.40 USDHard Cap: 39,000,000 OAK
Total Supply: 65,000,000 OAKTokens for Sale: 39,000,000 OAK
Know Your Customer (KYC): YESRestricted Areas: USA, China
Token Distribution
Public Sale: 60%
Company Token Reserve: 20%
Locked Company Allocation: 16.66%
Bounty & Community Rewards: 3.33%

Funds Allocation
Project Incentive Fund: 40%
Development: 20%
Operations: 20%
Team / Advisors: 10%
Liquidity Reserve: 10%
Quarter-3 - Quarter-4 20171. Concept & Team Building.
2. Company Incorporation.
3. Regulatory & Banking.
4. Product Development Began.
Quarter-1 20181. ICO Presale SOLD OUT.
2. Product Development & Team Building.
26 May - 24 June 2018Main ICO Crowdsale.
Late 20181. Early Product Build.
2. First Crowdfunding Campaigns Live.
3. Token Growth & Stability Mechanisms.
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