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About CoinSchedule

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Some of CoinSchedule's Team Members

At CoinSchedule we’re dedicated to providing trusted blockchain intelligence. Our vision is a connected blockchain ecosystem where reliable, consolidated knowledge and thriving community interaction empowers individuals and companies to achieve their goals.

We strongly believe that trusted and comprehensive information is critical for creating a fair, safe and effective blockchain ecosystem. Yet, unfortunately, information in this area is fragmented and often unreliable. To drive towards this goal, we provide all of the blockchain-related information people need in one place – and we do the hard work to ensure that this information is curated, easy to engage with and trustworthy.

Alex at Blockchain Summit London

We provide an intuitive and fast web platform for people to interact with the blockchain community and ensure they get rewarded for their contribution.

Our proprietary TrustScore™ algorithm, developed with scientists from the University of Oxford, assesses dozens of elements of a project, and adds a layer of independent intelligence to this information. In aiming to set the global standard for trust and transparency, our TrustScore™ is immune to manipulation and helps people effectively navigate the blockchain space and make better decisions.

Today, CoinSchedule has a team of financial services and technology experts, mostly located at our Oxford, UK headquarters. We have partnerships with many key industry players, as well as collaborations with research partners such as the University of Oxford and Harvard, and major news media outlets (you can see the latest mentions here:

Our History

Founded by early blockchain pioneers and based in Oxford (UK), CoinSchedule is one of the most recognised and trusted information providers to the blockchain community. By the end of 2018, having established a significant and loyal subscriber base, we had helped companies around the world raise over $10 billion via token sales and had received over 7,000 project submissions. With over 2 million data points, we have one of the most extensive Blockchain databases in existence – and, as a result, our statistics are often quoted by the media, regulatory authorities and academic institutions.

CoinSchedule First Version

The first version of CoinSchedule was launched in the summer of 2016 featuring an ICO list, project milestones and list of major crypto conferences. We were the first ones to try and create a comprehensive directory of interconnected resources for crypto with a primary focus on token sales.

At the time, token sales such as ICOs and UTOs were not yet widespread and as such, one of the biggest challenges we had was around enough content to list.

In April 2017, we launched an improved version of the portal, and this proved an instant hit with exponential growth and thousands of users registering every month. The problem of not having enough content to list completely disappeared and indeed got reversed, as now there was too much content to list, we were receiving more than 600 ICO submissions per month at the peak, and our challenge then was how to deal with this volume effectively.

This second version of CoinSchedule operated until early 2019, when it was again replaced and this time, not just an evolution from the previous version, but a much bigger, comprehensive and exciting platform.

An Exciting Future

Alex talking in Oxford

Everyone in CoinSchedule is excited about the future of blockchain. This technology has the potential to fundamentally transform the way people do business, the way companies raise capital, how banks work, how people get paid and public information gets stored and shared.

Together with our partners and collaborators, we are creating a safer and more trustworthy environment for blockchain and crypto companies to operate, promote themselves and do business. Blockchain is the biggest innovation of the last decade and it deserves a decent market, industry and future.

The current CoinSchedule portal, released in February 2019 is our contribution in creating a more sustainable crypto industry. Our long-term vision is to To become the undisputed worldwide platform for blockchain intelligence and community engagement.

Join us on this journey and let's build a better future together!

Our address: 7200 Alec Issigonis Way, Oxford, UK