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Upcoming Token Sales & ICOs

NameCategoryStart DateStarts In
Social NetworkSep 21st 20178 hours
MiningSep 25th 2017 10:00 UTC5 days
Commerce & AdvertisingSep 26th 20175 days
Drugs & HealthcareOct 1st 2017 14:00 UTC11 days
InfrastructureOct 1st 2017 17:00 UTC2 weeks
Trading & InvestingOct 2nd 20172 weeks
Trading & InvestingOct 2nd 2017 12:00 UTC2 weeks
InfrastructureOct 3rd 2017 05:00 UTC2 weeks
MiningOct 3rd 2017 10:00 UTC2 weeks
Gaming & VROct 3rd 2017 14:00 UTC2 weeks
Events & EntertainmentOct 5th 20172 weeks
Trading & InvestingOct 9th 2017 14:00 UTC3 weeks
InfrastructureOct 12th 2017 05:00 UTC3 weeks
Trading & InvestingNov 6th 2017 14:00 UTC2 months
Events & EntertainmentDec 4th 2017 02:00 UTC3 months
Events & EntertainmentDec 8th 2017 07:00 UTC3 months
Gaming & VRSep 27th 2017 13:00 UTC7 days
Compliance & SecuritySep 28th 2017 09:00 UTC8 days
FinanceOct 1st 201710 days
FinanceOct 15th 2017 17:00 UTC4 weeks
Machine Learning & AIOct 18th 20174 weeks
Gambling & BettingOct 26th 2017 18:00 UTC1 month
Commerce & AdvertisingTBATBA
Content ManagementSep 21st 20178 hours
Privacy & SecuritySep 21st 20178 hours
FinanceSep 21st 20178 hours
Drugs & HealthcareSep 21st 2017 06:00 UTC14 hours
Gambling & BettingSep 21st 2017 13:00 UTC21 hours
Commerce & AdvertisingSep 22nd 20171 day
FinanceSep 22nd 2017 08:00 UTC2 days
Supply & LogisticsSep 22nd 2017 14:00 UTC2 days
Gambling & BettingSep 23rd 20172 days
Energy & UtilitiesSep 23rd 20172 days
Trading & InvestingSep 23rd 20172 days
PaymentsSep 24th 2017 23:00 UTC4 days
Energy & UtilitiesSep 25th 20174 days
FinanceSep 25th 20174 days
PaymentsSep 25th 20174 days
PaymentsSep 25th 20174 days
CommunicationsSep 25th 2017 15:00 UTC5 days
Commerce & AdvertisingSep 27th 2017 13:00 UTC7 days
Gaming & VRSep 29th 2017 19:00 UTC9 days
Content ManagementSep 29th 2017 23:00 UTC9 days
FinanceSep 30th 20179 days
Events & EntertainmentSep 30th 20179 days
Social NetworkSep 30th 2017 18:30 UTC10 days
PaymentsOct 1st 201710 days
Commerce & AdvertisingOct 1st 201710 days
Identity & ReputationOct 1st 201710 days
Data AnalyticsOct 1st 201710 days
InfrastructureOct 1st 201710 days
Gaming & VROct 1st 2017 04:00 UTC10 days
Machine Learning & AIOct 1st 2017 12:00 UTC11 days
Gaming & VROct 1st 2017 12:30 UTC11 days
Gambling & BettingOct 1st 2017 16:00 UTC11 days
Identity & ReputationOct 1st 2017 17:00 UTC2 weeks
Trading & InvestingOct 2nd 20172 weeks
Social NetworkOct 2nd 2017 07:00 UTC2 weeks
PaymentsOct 2nd 2017 10:00 UTC2 weeks
FinanceOct 2nd 2017 14:00 UTC2 weeks
FinanceOct 3rd 20172 weeks
PaymentsOct 3rd 2017 09:30 UTC2 weeks
Data AnalyticsOct 3rd 2017 12:00 UTC2 weeks
Commerce & AdvertisingOct 6th 20172 weeks
Drugs & HealthcareOct 6th 20172 weeks
PaymentsOct 6th 2017 10:00 UTC2 weeks
Trading & InvestingOct 7th 20172 weeks
Commerce & AdvertisingOct 8th 20172 weeks
Gambling & BettingOct 9th 20173 weeks
Gaming & VROct 10th 20173 weeks
Trading & InvestingOct 10th 2017 10:00 UTC3 weeks
FinanceOct 12th 20173 weeks
Commerce & AdvertisingOct 12th 2017 14:00 UTC3 weeks
Commerce & AdvertisingOct 13th 2017 12:00 UTC3 weeks
PaymentsOct 14th 20173 weeks
Social NetworkOct 15th 2017 12:00 UTC4 weeks
Travel & TourisimOct 15th 2017 12:00 UTC4 weeks
Data AnalyticsOct 15th 2017 21:00 UTC4 weeks
GovernanceOct 16th 20174 weeks
FinanceOct 16th 20174 weeks
Gaming & VROct 16th 2017 12:00 UTC4 weeks
Drugs & HealthcareOct 17th 2017 15:00 UTC4 weeks
GovernanceOct 18th 2017 12:00 UTC4 weeks
InfrastructureOct 20th 20171 month
Commerce & AdvertisingOct 21st 20171 month
Energy & UtilitiesOct 23rd 2017 12:00 UTC1 month
FinanceOct 28th 2017 14:00 UTC1 month
Drugs & HealthcareNov 1st 2017 03:00 UTC1 month
Content ManagementNov 8th 2017 12:00 UTC2 months
Data AnalyticsNov 15th 20172 months
Trading & InvestingNov 19th 2017 12:00 UTC2 months
FinanceNov 25th 2017 12:00 UTC2 months
Drugs & HealthcareTBATBA
Privacy & SecurityTBATBA
Commerce & AdvertisingTBATBA
Trading & InvestingTBATBA
Real EstateTBATBA
Social NetworkTBATBA
Commerce & AdvertisingTBATBA

From the Coinschedule Blog

From SONM Investor to SONM IT & Strategy Advisor

DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by SONM. The information provided in this post is the responsibility of the writer.


I would like to start with a disclosure. I’m an investor in SONM, my acquaintances and I have invested hundreds of thousands dollars in this project. Even though each of us has made his own investment decision [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Alex Nasonov from Worldcore

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello Alex, please start by telling us: What is Worldcore?

Worldcore is a one-stop-shop in payment services industry offering all payment features of traditional bank account in addition to wide range of payment products for individuals and businesses. The list of payment solutions offered by Worldcore includes debit cards [...]

Impak Coin ICO: The first regulatory compliant ICO in Canada

Last week several blogs and news media reported the story of Impak Coin being Canada’s first regulatory compliant ICO. We were curious about it here at Coinschedule and asked Eamon and Fançois to tell us a bit about it. Is this a blueprint for other countries?

Eamon and François, thanks for speaking to us today. You first submitted your Impak Coin ICO to Coinschedule back in June, and I guess the [...]

How Ties.Network Aims to Help You Find Secure Partners and Make Deals

DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by Ties.Network. The information provided in this post is the responsibility of the writer.

Ties.Network is a blockchain-based social platform that connects prospective business projects and reputable professionals such as developers, marketers, advisors and other relevant people in the ecosystem. It is a decentralised business tool that can be used to recruit partners, employees and volunteers. You can also sell products and [...]

World Blockchain Forum:Investments & ICOs and The Dash Conference

Disclaimer: Coinschedule is a media partner of the World Blockchain Forum.

Upcoming cryptocurrency conference World Blockchain Forum: Investments and ICOs announce new international speakers and a ‘Pitch your ICO’ showcase to their September 25th-26th lineup.

The highly-anticipated event was announced in July and has amassed significant media and community attention. Since then, Keynote has added many heavyweight international [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Lloyd Huang from SmartRE

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello Lloyd, please start by telling us: What is SmartRE?

SmartRE is a platform that allows homeowners to liquidate a part of their home equity without accumulating any debt or have any interest rate sensitivity; and buyers to purchase that equity at a very low threshold down to one [...]

DMarket has raised almost $11 million investments in just four days

DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by DMarket. The information provided in this post is the responsibility of the writer.

The first global marketplace for trading in-game items, DMarket, has raised $10,9 million investments during the token sale which has ended in August, 2017. The final amount of the raised investments is sensitive to the actual BTN and ETH exchange rate.

DMarket is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. [...]

Ties.Network Announces Token Generation Event (TGE)

DISCLAIMER: This is a guest post by Ties Network. The information provided in this post is the responsibility of the writer.

Blockchain-based business platform, designed for crypto-community, provides a secure place for business and financial transactions with the world’s first public and decentralized NoSQL database

Ties.Network is a secure business platform designed for crypto-community to safely conduct business and financial transactions, including striking deals, locating and hiring experts, and promoting [...]

Conferences & Events

Nothing replaces meeting people in person. The events on this page have been selected because they represent the most important opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
Blockchain 101 MasterClass
Sep 21st - 23rd 2017Vienna, Austria
Nexus Earth Conference
Sep 21st - 23rd 2017Aspen, USA
Blockchain Summit 2017
Sep 22nd 2017Melbourne, Australia
India Blockchain Week
Sep 22nd - 26th 2017Mumbai, India
Sep 22nd 2017Kiev, Ukraine.
The Dash Conference
Sep 24th 2017London, UK
Blockchain Middle East Forum
Sep 25th - 26th 2017Dubai, UAE
World Blockchain Forum - Investments & ICOs
Sep 25th - 26th 2017London, UK
ITU Telecom World 2017
Sep 25th - 28th 2017Busan, South Korea
Tearsheet Hot Topic: Bitcoin and Blockchain
Sep 25th 2017New York, NY
Blockchain Life Conference 2017
Sep 26th 2017Saint Petersburg, Russia
Next Money Chicago 2017
Sep 26th 2017Chicago, IL
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty
Sep 28th 2017Almaty, Kazakhstan
Crypto Economics Security Conference
Oct 2nd - 3rd 2017Berkeley, CA
The Rise of ICO
Oct 2nd - 3rd 2017Linz, Austria
ICO Regulation Summit
Oct 2nd - 3rd 2017Vienna, Austria
Trading Show New York
Oct 3rd 2017 New York, US
2nd Blockchain for Finance Conference Europe
Oct 3rd - 4th 2017Dublin, Ireland
Blockchain Solutions Forum - Fira de Barcelona
Oct 3rd - 5th 2017Barcelona, Spain
Blockchain Summit London
Oct 5th 2017London, UK
Blockchain Technology Conference MENA 2017
Oct 9th - 10th 2017 Dubai, UAE
The Blockchain Academy
Oct 9th - 10th 2017Munich, Germany
Oct 10th - 11th 2017Santa Monica, USA
The Business of Blockchain Summit
Oct 10th 2017Atlanta, GA
IBREA Blockchain & Real Estate Conference
Oct 10th 2017New York, NY
Digital Wallet Summit Dubai 2017
Oct 11th - 12th 2017Dubai, UAE
ICO Event London
Oct 11th 2017London, UK
Banking Innovation 2017
Oct 11th 2017Sydney Australia
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev
Oct 12th 2017Kiev, Ukraine
TRUST Megatrends, A Blockchain Masterclass
Oct 12th 2017London, UK
Oct 12th 2017Providencia, Chile
TRUST Megatrends: A Blockchain Masterclass
Oct 12th 2017London, UK.
Healthcare: Unblocked
Oct 13th 2017London, England
MERGE + Blockchain Roadshow + TOKEN FEST
Oct 14th - 18th 2017Orlando, FL
Blockchain Summit Amsterdam
Oct 17th 2017Amsterdam, Netherlands
Melonport presents M-0
Oct 17th - 18th 2017Crypto Valley, Switzerland
M-0, 1st Swiss Blockchain Conference
Oct 17th - 18th 2017Zug, Switzerland
Gibraltar's International FinTech Conference 2017
Oct 18th - 19th 2017Gibraltar
3rd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference
Oct 18th - 19th 2017Denver, CO
IoT Security Summit
Oct 23rd - 24th 2017New York, NY
Blockchain 360: Sclaing Blockchain for IoT Across Industry & Enterprise
Oct 23rd - 24th 2017New York, NY
World Blockchain Summit
Oct 24th - 25th 2017Dubai, UAE
CoinAgenda Global: Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors Conference
Oct 24th - 26th 2017Las Vegas, NV
Oct 27th 2017Bali, Indonesia
Ethereal SF
Oct 27th 2017San Francisco, CA
Oct 28th 2017Brighton, UK
The Blockchain Summit
Oct 31st 2017Hilton Tower Bridge, London, UK
The Inaugural Decentralized Insurance DevCon
Oct 31st 2017Cancun, Mexico
Nov 1st - 4th 2017Cancun, Mexico
Decentralized 2017
Nov 2nd - 3rd 2017Limassol, Cyprus
Scaling Bitcoin
Nov 5th 2017Stanford, CA
Web Summit 2017
Nov 6th - 9th 2017Lisbon, Portugal
"Fintech World" Workshop Series Pros and Cons of "Blockchain ICO's"
Nov 6th - 7th 2017Washington, DC
Developer Week
Nov 7th - 9th 2017Austin, Texas
Cyprus FinTech EXPO
Nov 8th 2017Nicosia, Cyprus
Blockchain for Business and IT Leaders
Nov 8th - 9th 2017Boston, USA.
2017 Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress
Nov 9th - 10th 2017Shenzen, China
Milwaukee Blockchain Conference
Nov 9th 2017Milwaukee, WI
Blockspot Conference 2017
Nov 13th 2017Libson, Portugal
Blockchain for Wall Street
Nov 14th 2017New York, NY
Digital Commodities Summit
Nov 14th 2017London, UK
Blockchains, Smart Contracts and the Law
Nov 15th 2017Toronto, Canada
Blockchain WithTheBest
Nov 15th - 16th 2017Online Webinar
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Moscow
Nov 15th - 16th 2017Moscow, Russia
Blockchain in Healthcare
Nov 16th 2017Boston, USA
Fintech Summit
Nov 16th 2017Bratislava, Slovakia
Nov 19th 2017Birmingham, UK
Cryptocurrencies: Transformation of the Swiss Financial landscape
Nov 20th 2017 Biel / Bienne Switzerland
Blockchain Competition Awards
Nov 21st - 22nd 2017Zug, Switzerland
Fintech World Forum 2017
Nov 21st - 22nd 2017London, UK
GCC Blockchain Conference
Nov 22nd - 23rd 2017Dubai, UAE
SiGMA17, Summit of iGaming
Nov 22nd - 25th 2017Malta
FinTech Digital Congress
Nov 23rd - 24th 2017Warsaw, Poland
QuanTech: Blockchain Developments in Financial Markets Conference
Nov 23rd - 24th 2017London, UK.
Blockchain Summit Kyiv
Nov 25th 2017Kiev, Ukraine
Blockchain Club Moscow
Nov 25th 2017Moscow, Russia
Nov 28th 2017Brighton, UK
Blockchain Summit
Nov 28th 2017London, UK
Consensus: Invest
Nov 28th 2017New York, NY
Blockchain Expo North America
Nov 29th - 30th 2017 Santa Clara, US
BlockShow Asia 2017
Nov 29th - 30th 2017Singapore
Tearsheet Hot Topic: Mobile Payments
Nov 30th 2017New York, NY
ICO Event Amsterdam
Nov 30th 2017Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit
Dec 3rd - 5th 2017Dana Point, CA
BConference: Lets Blockchain This World Together
Dec 7th 2017Abu Dhabi, UAE
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta
Dec 7th 2017Malta
Blockchain World Conference
Dec 29th 2017Bangkok, Thailand
UNLOCK Blockchain Forum
Jan 14th - 15th 2018Dubai, UAE
Blockchain Cruise Asia
Jan 15th - 19th 2018Singapore
The Crypto Finance Conference
Jan 17th - 19th 2018St. Moritz, Switzerland
Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2018
Jan 24th - 26th 2018Stanford, CA
Blockchain for SCF Masterclass
Jan 30th 2018Frankfurt, Germany
Finovate Europe 2018
Feb 13th - 16th 2018London, UK
Anarchapulco 2018
Feb 15th - 18th 2018Acapulco, Mexico.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Blockchain Super Conference
Feb 16th - 18th 2018Dallas, USA
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con 2018
Feb 23rd - 24th 2018Dallas, TX
Blockchain Africa Conference 2018
Mar 8th - 9th 2018Johannesburg, South Africa
APAC Blockchain Conference
Mar 13th - 15th 2018Sydney, Australia
Seamless Expo 2018
Mar 13th - 14th 2018Sydney, Australia
Token Fest
Mar 15th 2018San Francisco, USA
Blockchain Expo Global
Apr 18th - 19th 2018London, UK
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Moscow
Nov 15th - 16th 2020Moscow, Russia
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