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Upcoming Crowdfunds & ICOs

NameDateStarts In
Bancor ICO
May 30th 2017 09:00 UTC16 hours
Basic Attention Token ICO
May 31st 2017 15:00 UTC2 days
Wagerr ICO
Jun 1st 20172 days
Fund Yourself Now ICO
Jun 2nd 2017 06:00 UTC4 days
Giga Watt ICO
Jun 2nd 2017 19:00 UTC4 days
Jun 10th 20172 weeks
21Million ICO
Jun 12th 20172 weeks
Orocrypt ICO
Jun 14th 2017 13:00 UTC2 weeks
Starta ICO
Jun 15th 20172 weeks
Impak Coin ICO
Jun 26th 20174 weeks
DAO.Casino ICO
Jun 30th 20171 month
Populous ICO
Jul 16th 2017 16:00 UTC2 months
FundRequest ICO
Aug 1st 20172 months
Tezos Fundraiser
Primalbase ICO

Conferences & Events

Nothing replaces meeting people in person. The events on this page have been selected because they represent the most important opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the cryptocoin and blockchain industry.
Blockchain for Healthcare
May 31st 2017Berlin, Germany
Blockchain & AI in the Telecoms
May 31st 2017London, UK
Blockchain Expo Berlin
Jun 1st - 2nd 2017 Berlin, Germany
Blockchain Disruption Summit
Jun 12th - 13th 2017 London, UK
First International Workshop on Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Law
Jun 12th - 16th 2017 London, UK
Blockchain + Digital Currencies
Jun 13th 2017New York, NY
Blockchain Conference Astana
Jun 14th - 15th 2017Astana, Kazakhstan
Blockchain Summit Singapore
Jun 16th 2017 Singapore
DISTRIBUTE Blockchain Conference
Jun 16th 2017 Hamburg, Germany
Blockchain For Finance Conference
Jun 20th - 21st 2017 Singapore
2nd Annual Blockchain Summit
Jun 20th - 21st 2017 Melbourne, Australia
Blockchain: Debt Capital Markets 
Jun 21st - 22nd 2017 London, UK
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg
Jun 22nd 2017Saint Petersburg, Russia
Money 20/20 Europe
Jun 26th - 28th 2017Copenhagen, Denmark
Blockchain Summit 2017
Jun 26th 2017 Melbourne, Australia
After the Bell: A Guide for Investing in Blockchain - Cutting Through the Hype
Jun 27th 2017 New York, US
European Digital and Mobile Commerce Forum
Jun 28th 2017Zurich, Switzerland
CryptoFinancing London 2017
Jul 6th - 7th 2017London, UK
Blockchain Incredible Party BIP001
Jul 6th 2017Odessa, Ukraine
London Fintech Week
Jul 7th - 14th 2017London, UK
How to Disrupt Everything - A Blockchain Event
Jul 10th - 11th 2017Amsterdam, Netherlands
CoinAgenda Europe
Jul 16th - 18th 2017Barcelona, Spain
State of Digital Money 2017
Jul 22nd - 23rd 2017 Los Angeles, US
After the Bell: A Guide for Investing in Blockchain - Cutting Through the Hype
Jul 25th 2017 Chicago, US
2nd Annual Blockchain Conference
Jul 28th 2017Washington D.C. USA
Blockchain Technology Revolutionising Crypto Currencies
Aug 10th 2017Mumbai, India
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm
Sep 7th 2017Stockholm, Sweden
Retail in the Age of Artifical Intelligence and Commerce Bots
Sep 12th 2017Chicago, IL
Blockchain Live: Unlocking the Value of Blockchain for Enterprise and the Public Sector
Sep 20th 2017London, UK
Trading Show New York
Oct 3rd 2017 New York, US
Blockchain Technology Conference MENA 2017
Oct 9th - 10th 2017 Dubai, UAE
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev
Oct 12th 2017Kiev, Ukraine
IoT Security Summit
Oct 23rd - 24th 2017New York, NY
World Block Chain Summit 
Oct 24th - 25th 2017Dubai, UAE
Devcon 3
Nov 9th 2017 Cancun, Mexico
Blockchain for Wall Street
Nov 14th 2017New York, NY
Cryptocurrencies: Transformation of the Swiss Financial landscape
Nov 20th 2017 Biel / Bienne Switzerland
Blockchain Expo North America
Nov 29th - 30th 2017 Santa Clara, US
Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit
Dec 3rd - 5th 2017Dana Point, CA

From the Coinschedule Blog

ICO Spotlight: James Prestwich, CFO and COO of Storj

Hello James, thank you for talking to us here in Coinschedule. Let me start by saying that personally I like the Storj project and I have actually been renting my drive to Storj for some time now, so it’s great to be able to ask you some questions on behalf or our visitors! Storj has been around for a while, right? It’s not a new project trying to raise funds to then start the development. So tell me why are you doing the crowdsale now?

We’re at a really great point right now. We have a working protocol and platform, an amazing [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with David Rosen from E4ROW

In this ICO Spotlight, we spoke with David Rosen behind the Ethereum-based E4ROW project. Check out our conversation below.

Hello David, thank you for your time. I am keen to understand more about e4row. You are looking to create mobile-based games that use an Ethereum-backed token as currency?

No. Not exactly. We are creating games wherein players bet and win Ether. The games will be played on popular platforms such as mobile and online devices. Our games will introduce Ether to a vast new market of gamers who currently are accustomed to using non-valuable cartoon coins. However, in our games the bets [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Sergey Sholom from MobileGO

We had a chance to talk to talk to Sergey Sholom from MobileGO and ask him to share some of his views about the highly anticipated ICO.

Sergey, we are just a few hours from the start of the MobileGO ICO. I see a lot of people talking about it in forums, Slack. Why do you think there’s so much interest in your project?

Well this has really been a long time coming. GameCredits started over three years ago, and the project has been entirely self-funded. Since then we have grown tremendously, and have produced a number of innovative gaming solutions. Right now [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Tony Caradonna from EMV

We are restarting the ICO Spotlight series after a short hiatus and recently had a chance to chat with Tony Caradonna, who’s running the EMV ICO.

Hello Tony, can you tell us a bit about The Pitts Circus and EMV. What’s the relationship between them?

The-Pitts-Circus Movie is the worlds first Ethereum funded movie. It is a project based in Switzerland with swiss jurisdiction. The movie will be at Festivals end 2017 and in cinemas in 2018. We have a three phase funding concept. These three phases will make sure not only geeky early adopters can be part of this venture but also [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Logan Schinbeckler from Branche

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hello Logan, nice to chat about Branche today. Can you tell us a bit about it – the background and how it started?

Absolutely. At the most basic level, Branche is new super convenient and affordable way to get micro-credit loans and cheque cashing services. In a more general and slightly more technical sense, it’s a decentralized financial services platform.

What that all sort of means is that we’re taking financial services out of brick and mortar buildings like banks [...]

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