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Upcoming Crowdfunds & ICOs

NameCategoryStart DateStarts In
FinanceJul 28th 2017 13:00 UTC3 days
Governance & TransparencyAug 1st 2017 16:00 UTC7 days
FinanceAug 2nd 2017 10:00 UTC8 days
RecruitmentAug 5th 201710 days
FinanceAug 8th 2017 12:00 UTC2 weeks
Privacy & SecurityAug 10th 2017 17:00 UTC2 weeks
Social NetworkAug 11th 2017 18:11 UTC2 weeks
Events & EntertainmentAug 14th 2017 07:00 UTC3 weeks
Gambling & BettingAug 15th 20173 weeks
Content ManagementAug 15th 2017 15:00 UTC3 weeks
Commerce & AdvertisingAug 28th 20171 month
FinanceAug 28th 20171 month
FinanceAug 30th 20171 month
Art & MusicSep 5th 2017 17:00 UTC1 month
RecruitmentSep 12th 20172 months
Social NetworkTBATBA

Conferences & Events

Nothing replaces meeting people in person. The events on this page have been selected because they represent the most important opportunities to meet the movers and shakers of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.
Bitcoin Day
Jul 27th 2017Mendoza, Argentina
2nd Annual Blockchain Conference
Jul 28th 2017Washington D.C. USA
Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Token Markets
Jul 29th 2017Toronto, Canada.
Silicon Valley Fintech Week
Aug 1st - 6th 2017San Mateo, CA
Blockchain Investors Summit
Aug 8th - 9th 2017Online Webinar
Blockchain Technology Revolutionising Crypto Currencies
Aug 10th 2017Mumbai, India
Aug 16th - 17th 2017St. Petersburg, Russia
New York Fintech Week
Aug 21st - 25th 2017New York, NY
Aug 25th - 27th 2017Manhattan Beach, CA
The Blockchain Day: Realizing the Potential of Blockchain
Aug 26th 2017Hamburg, Germany
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm
Sep 7th 2017Stockholm, Sweden
Shape the Future: Bitcoin & Blockchain Global Summit
Sep 10th 2017Beijing, China
Retail in the Age of Artifical Intelligence and Commerce Bots
Sep 12th 2017Chicago, IL
Blockchain in Oil & Gas
Sep 12th 2017Houston, USA
The Advanced Digital Innovation Summit
Sep 12th - 13th 2017Vancouver, Canada
Blockchain in Oil and Gas
Sep 12th 2017Houston, TX
Emerging Applications of Blockchain for Supply Chain
Sep 12th 2017Cambridge, MA
Blockchain Autumn School 2017
Sep 18th - 22nd 2017Mittweida, Germany
Blockchain Live: Unlocking the Value of Blockchain for Enterprise and the Public Sector
Sep 20th 2017London, UK
Blockchain 101 MasterClass
Sep 21st - 23rd 2017Vienna, Austria.
Blockchain Summit 2017
Sep 22nd 2017Melbourne, Australia
India Blockchain Week
Sep 22nd - 26th 2017Mumbai, India
World Blockchain Forum - Investments & ICOs
Sep 24th - 25th 2017London, UK
Blockchain Middle East Forum
Sep 25th - 26th 2017Dubai, UAE
ITU Telecom World 2017
Sep 25th - 28th 2017Busan, South Korea
Trading Show New York
Oct 3rd 2017 New York, US
2nd Blockchain for Finance Conference Europe
Oct 3rd - 4th 2017Dublin, Ireland
Blockchain Solutions Forum - Fira de Barcelona
Oct 3rd - 5th 2017Barcelona, Spain
Blockchain Technology Conference MENA 2017
Oct 9th - 10th 2017 Dubai, UAE
Oct 10th - 11th 2017Santa Monica, USA.
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev
Oct 12th 2017Kiev, Ukraine
Healthcare: Unblocked
Oct 13th 2017London, England
3rd Annual Crypto Cannabis Conference
Oct 13th 2017Denver, CO
IoT Security Summit
Oct 23rd - 24th 2017New York, NY
Blockchain 360: Sclaing Blockchain for IoT Across Industry & Enterprise
Oct 23rd - 24th 2017New York, NY
World Blockchain Summit
Oct 24th - 25th 2017Dubai, UAE
Oct 28th 2017Brighton, UK.
Marketforce's 3rd annual The Blockchain Summit
Oct 31st 2017London, UK
Nov 1st - 4th 2017Cancun, Mexico
Decentralized 2017
Nov 2nd - 3rd 2017Limassol, Cyprus
Web Summit 2017
Nov 6th - 9th 2017Lisbon, Portugal
Developer Week
Nov 7th - 9th 2017Austin, Texas
2017 Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress
Nov 9th - 10th 2017Shenzen, China
Blockchain for Wall Street
Nov 14th 2017New York, NY
Blockchain in Healthcare
Nov 16th 2017Boston, USA.
Nov 19th 2017Birmingham City, UK
Nov 19th 2017Birmingham, UK.
Cryptocurrencies: Transformation of the Swiss Financial landscape
Nov 20th 2017 Biel / Bienne Switzerland
Blockchain Competition Awards
Nov 21st - 22nd 2017Zug, Switzerland.
Nov 28th 2017Brighton, UK
Blockchain Expo North America
Nov 29th - 30th 2017 Santa Clara, US
Marketplace Lending & Alternative Financing Summit
Dec 3rd - 5th 2017Dana Point, CA
BConference: Lets Blockchain This World Together
Dec 7th 2017Abu Dhabi, UAE
UNLOCK Blockchain Forum
Jan 14th - 15th 2018Dubai, UAE
Blockchain Cruise Asia
Jan 15th - 19th 2018Singapore
APAC Blockchain Conference
Mar 13th - 15th 2018Sydney, Australia
Blockchain Expo Global
Apr 18th - 19th 2018London, UK.

From the Coinschedule Blog

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Michael Marcovici from Digital Developers Fund

Hello Micheal. Let’s start from the beginning: What is the Digital Developers Fund?

DDF is a fund investing in high growth digital assets such as domain names and crypto currency. The roots of the DDF go back to 2010, when DDF was incorporated as “Domain Developers Fund” in the Cayman Island. DDF holds over 1,350 premium domains such as,, or In 2017, the fund rebrands to “Digital Developers Fund” and raises funds via an ICO to expand its asset allocation.


A fund that only invests in digital assets is a good idea, this means that if I join [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Dylan Senter from Spectiv

Hi Dylan, please tell us about Spectiv VR. What is it?

Spectiv is a platform that enables users and organizations to stream their unique virtual reality experiences to the world. Viewers will be able to engage in these experiences from home, through virtual reality. Our mission is to create truly immersive shared experiences with the power of VR. Spectiv will be driven by a two token ecosystem, with “Specs” operating as an internal platform currency and “Sigs” operating as a decentralized ERC20 token built on the ETH blockchain. Sigs will be created and distributed through a token creation crowdsale.


How will people be [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Paul Mumby from BattleDrome

This post is part of the ICO Spotlight, a series of posts with the teams behind the different projects covered by Coinschedule.

Hi Paul, please tell us about BattleDrome. What is it?

BattleDrome is a gaming platform where players create, train, equip, and build up Gladiators. These Gladiators are then entered into events to fight in combat to win Fame and Riches!

We are creating a gaming platform, currently centering around several core mechanics:
– Creation, Ownership, and Training/Advancement/Buildup of Gladiators
– Entering Gladiators into the Arena, in order to fight and gain experience, skills, and FAME by defeating other Gladiators
– [...]

ICO Spotlight: Interview with Edward Shull from GeoFounders

Hello Edward. I usually start by asking this same question to all projects, so let’s not stop the tradition: What is Geofounders?

Hi Alex, thanks for the interest. GeoFounders is an organization that builds software that runs on many different blockchain platforms. This software collects cryptocurrency fees that are divvied up amongst our token holders. Our dream is to be the blockchain-equivalent of a Microsoft or Adobe.

If I am a developer and I have a great idea for a new blockchain-powered application, why should I consider doing it via Geofounders as opposed to just going solo?

The blockchain space is a bit [...]

ICO Spotlight: Jon Jacobs from NEVERDIE

Hi Jon, let’s start with the basics: What is Neverdie?

Everyone Dies a lot when playing video Games. NEVERDIE symbolizes perfection in gaming, the ultimate game play, not impossible, but something to always strive for.

NEVERDIE is the name of my avatar I created 16 years ago in Entropia Universe. Under the NEVERDIE brand, the mission has always been to champion monetizing Video gamies for the players, to create real value in virtual currencies. NEVERDIE was instrumental in the development of the first Land tax system that enables players to collect a tax revenue from other players hunting or mining on their [...]

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